Do not look for a long time on the mummy, and then she looks at you!

September 11, 2012 10:24

On the "Curse of the Pharaohs" is known, probably everyone reading popular newspapers and magazines. However, many do not even suggest that the mummies have a negative impact not only on those who disturb their ashes, but also to any person who is close to them.

Do not look for a long time on the mummy, and then she looks at you!

Mummies of the economic crisis?

About mummies write a lot, and in some publications expressed so fantastic assumptions that just dizzy. For example, an article was written that disturbed Iceman mummy and Altai Princess in retaliation to humanity caused by the global economic crisis … well read this and really start to think that the world is governed by ancient mummies, not politicians and financiers.

However, as the saying goes, "there is no smoke without fire", in connection with the mummies often happens so many things strange and mysterious, sometimes even scientists have to look more or less materialistic explanation of various anomalschine occurring around dead bodies recovered from ancient tombs.

Think of the all known "curse of the Pharaohs": how to explain all or just a coincidence, the fact is that among the people involved in any action with the mummies (research, transportation, etc.), there is an increased mortality.

It from time to time, scientists have tried to explain, pushing sometimes quite interesting hypothesis. But the simplest and most plausible — is the presence in the tombs of cultures of pathogenic bacteria or fungi that cause disease and death investigators. This hypothesis has been a scientific confirmation of the 70-ies of the last century due to the tragic history of the study of the remains of King Casimir as of 14 archaeologists who visited the crypt of Wawel Castle (Poland), to live there were only two. The investigation, undertaken by Professor Boleslaw Smyk, showed that scientists were victims of toxic mold.

Revenge alive for their attitude to the dead?

However, some cases it is hard to explain from the standpoint of science. Take, for example, the opening in December 1993, the tomb of the Pharaoh in Egypt Peteti and his wife. Their coffins were warning signs: "Great Goddess Hathor twice punish anyone who defiles the place." Immediately after opening the tomb excavation director was struck a heart attack, it barely saved by doctors and potent drugs, and then the house of his fellow archaeologist in ruins by the earthquake last train carrying the relics found Pharaoh derailed.

Again, coincidence? And the ill-fated "Titanic", which drove some mummy Egyptian soothsayer time of Amenhotep IV? All four of the archaeologist, who dissected her tomb, soon died of unknown diseases. Mummy came to the British Museum, where for two years died five employees, who according to his service had with her. So much so, that the employees of the museum started to refuse to even approach it. The spring of 1912, the management decided to sell the mummy museum and put it up for auction, where it was acquired by Lord Canterville, who was carrying it on the "Titanic."

Briefly recall the circumstances of the disaster. "Titanic" sank because of a collision with an iceberg. But icebergs in the area were not so much, probably one, and with it managed to run into this handsome ship. Iceberg time to notice and avoid a collision, but it did not. "Titanic" was completely reliable vehicle if it struck an iceberg nose, you probably would have stayed afloat, but the collision was the most fatal to the ship properly. Captain Smith sent an SOS to the unacceptable delay. Near the sinking "Titanic" was a ship that could have saved many of the passengers, but it turned off the radio, and published with the vessel in distress flares were seen by him as fireworks … Too many fatal coincidences in this world famous catastrophe to consider all mere coincidence!

It is noticed that in all the museums, which exhibits an Egyptian mummy, next to them are frequent sudden fainting, heart attacks, tantrums. Illustrative case in the Turin Museum of Ancient Egypt, where the sarcophagus of Pharaoh Kha, who ruled Egypt in 1400 BC. e., once just three girls ekskursantki felt so bad that even had to call an ambulance.

"Some psychics say about the strong negative energy of the mummies, which is bad for the well-being of people nearby

There are various ways to treat the so-called "Curse of the Mummy", but is it worth doing the dead bodies for curious public spectacle? It may be that we still do not know much and mummy is actually capable of revenge alive if they behave inappropriately with the dead

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