Imperceptibly flown a year from the time when the thought of radiation human insecurity has led me to the invention of a portable dosimeter-radiometer for mobile phones and smartphones. Later, this device was called the "-RA", the first letters of the functional:   tozimetr-radiometr. Then came the Russian patent number 109625 with priority from 24 June 2011 and everything would be fine if it failed to stop. But it is not, the soul requires realization. And certainly in iron, nice and petite! 


      Then, a year ago, for some reason I thought that such a simple device can be done quite quickly. That is, almost on his knee in his kitchen. Such schemes dosimeters print for a long time in our technical literature and popular science magazines. Hell yeah do it!? However, any technical problem developed on modern base for popular devices, especially smart phones — smartphones, only simple at first glance sophisticated radio fan.    


      Realizing that there is safety in numbers, I assembled a team of like-minded project-RA on the basis of "Intersoft Eurasia." All professionals — programmers and circuit design work in this branch of knowledge for a long time. Therefore, everything that comes up with the path of development of the project, and quickly implemented. After all, our unit was supposed to live, at least a 7-called OS environments. Namely: iOS, Android, WP7, JavaME, BlackBerry, Linux, MacOS.    


       Since the beginning, as usual, were created emulators programs DO-RA.Soft. They are primarily used for testing visual, and then the technical part of the project "-RA" the specific devaysakh under the major operating systems used in mobile phones and smartphones. Later we got to tablets and laptops. A completed their technical development stationary desktop computer. So we managed to get the unity of model-RA in a variety of operating platforms and subtleties inherent in different mobile phones and smartphones, and computers in general.   


      The fate favored the project "-RA!" We very quickly recognized as its own, in Technopark "Skolkovo" and decided to residents. Then we managed to get its first grant from the Fund "Skolkovo" on the development of the initial phase of the project. Later, the project "-RA" with the support of Technopark "Skolkovo", very lucky with the PR. So, thanks to the deep design elaboration of future gadgets-RA for smartphones, understandable history of the project, its potential breadth of the consumer, the BBC took minifilm. Short of telling us, and Russian innovation of Skolkovo, to the European parliament, foreign investors, and just ordinary people who are interested, but as there is in Russia …!?  


       In fact, today, the project "-RA" has gone beyond a single country — Russia. To research, design, design and production of the first prototypes of the factory-RA models iPhone-4, 4s engineers had a hand in Russia, Belarus and China. A series of consultations on various aspects of the design-RA and the future of its application have been received from Japan. I'm not talking about the kits that are filling our pilot device imported from the U.S., Taiwan, Japan, Europe and the CIS! That is now our device can be called:!



       And so, the main developer of the design documentation delivered the largest in Eastern Europe design center "Promwad" from Belarus. A device-RA was made on the basis of Russian patents and developments on the international standards and in accordance with applicable technical regulations. Documentation is made in two languages, Russian and English. Promwad as well developed and its ergonomic body design decision-RA for smart phones iPhone-4, 4s.


      The first industrial prototypes-RA for smartphones Apple's small size and high production quality were performed on a modern, high-tech factory in Zelenograd "PK" Altonika "which, in the Moscow region. His workshop and production equipment are not inferior to the leading contract manufacturers of electronics in Europe and Southeast Asia. In confirmation of what was said by the fact that the world's leading telecommunications Cisco Systems has certified this Russian plant as its partner for the production of electronics! That is, at the "PC" Altonika "is planned serial production-RA full cycle, up to final assembly and packaging. At the same time, the power plant ready to withstand the amount of millions of albums of electronic devices.


       At this point, the operational affairs of the project "-RA", not much left.

The first, Sand universal digital protocol-RA — a smartphone, computer, etc.

The second, finalize protocols with the cloud of distributed computing, and the devices we use to work with-RA, to make a visual keep track of measurements on a Google Map in real-time.

The third, to run a full-fledged Personal account owner-RA, which will be reflected in our opinion the most important thing, the risks of the disease human organs and systems with excessive radiation exposure of man throughout the year, according to radiation safety standards — NRB-99/2009.  

Fourth, to call for state, industry and the voluntary certification unit-RA with the introduction into the State Register of measuring equipment.

Finally, fifth. Finding a good investor for the promotion of devices-RA to the international markets of the CIS, South-East Asia, Australia, Europe and America. That is the whole world! Follow the project on the corporate website 


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