Doctors have cured cancer child HIV



American doctors were able to cure the 7-year-old Emily Whitehead from severe cancer, infecting her body with HIV infection. — The patient has become the first child in the world, which was subjected to a so-called therapy CTL019, in which we used the inactive form of the HIV genes in order to bring her immune cells that fight cancer — said oncologist Stephan Group.



— This innovative approach has helped us save a life Emili.Po said the girl's mother, 2 years ago, her daughter for the first time turned to her with a complaint of feeling unwell. The woman admitted that she did not attach much importance, and hoped that the malaise will pass with time.
— When the baby's condition worsened, we go to a doctor at a hospital in Philadelphia — shared Kari Whitehead.

— A few days later doctors told us the shocking news: she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (a malignant disease of the hematopoietic system.. — Ed.).

Doctors immediately began treating the patient, but their attempts to save the girl did not bring results: the cancer cells continued to spread throughout the body and Emily endanger her life.

— Experts have tried all the traditional methods of treatment, but to no avail — commented on the girl's mother.
— When the situation reached a critical point, they offered us the experimental treatment. We only had 48 hours to take such an important decision, because there was a threat that Emily will give up the internal organs. Desperate parents did not think twice and decide on a risky move. Just a few hours after the little patient entered the inactive form of HIV, her breath level off, the temperature dropped, and the blood pressure to normal.


According to Father Tom Whitehead, during surgery, Emily acted very bravely and tried to smile as much as possible.

— Our daughter — a real fighter — admitted a happy mother.
— After the surgery, it's been six months, Emily has returned to normal life and feels just fine. During a routine medical check-up of cancer cells in her body doctors found.

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