Doctors: the dependence is even sunburn

Society In autumn sun worshipers are moving in the tanning bed, so as not to lose the summer sun. As the Administrator of Minsk tanning salons, problems with the visitors they did not have even this summer (with the exception perhaps of July), and now, when it's time to turn cold and the sun is not enough, here comes a real boom. Ultraviolet rays are a number of positive effects: they destroy viruses and bacteria that promote the synthesis of protein, vitamin D, fermentav, hormones, calcium absorption. They also take away the blood viscosity, strengthen kastsyavuyu system, lower cholesterol, increase immunity and improve metabolism.

Meanwhile a number of leading British and American dermatologists say that tanning can cause psychological dependence.

As demonstrated by the results of a survey conducted by British experts led by Dr. David Fisher, Depending on the criteria have fallen about 40% of the respondents tanning enthusiasts. These people are psychologically prone to anxiety, depression, and drug, alcohol and other things that cause addiction.

On Steve Feldman, American doctor, a dermatologist from the Faculty of Medicine of the University Veyk Forest, depending on the cause of sunburn can be endorphins, evolved under the influence of ultraviolet rays and cause a person to positive emotions. As a result, more and more people regularly go to the solarium and spend more time there.

Anxiety specialists, however, is not only a psychological dependence. How convinced David Fisher, Steve Feldman yes many other reputable dermatologists cancer risk among fans of tanning beds is approximately the same as in smokers or those whose work involves azbestam or formaldehyde.

Solarium is undesirable for those under 30

According to the latest data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which works with the World Health Organization, visitors to tanning salons that are less than 30 years of age have a 75% increased risk of developing skin cancer. The number of cases of this aggressive disease, as melyanoma skin among young residents of a number of Western European countries and the United States between 1973 and 2004 (when the regions came booming tanning beds) almost tripled. Significantly increased the number of patients melyanomu retina.

The number of young people with skin cancer in the last 30 years at least tripled.

To avoid the threat of skin cancer, the WHO called for more vigilance related to tanning salons. Certain countries have already responded to this call. So, from last year in Germany has a law prohibiting access to tanning for those who are under 18 years of age. According to German dermatalyagichnyh organizations earlier in solariums regularly sunbathed around 4 million Germans minors.

Restrictions for young people to visit tanning salons are also in the Netherlands, Finland and the Baltic countries. In Latvia, for the solarium, minors must have a document proving identity and proof-approval from a family doctor or a dermatologist. The certificate is valid for 6 months.

In addition, the Latvian government has made it mandatory for owners of tanning salons until January 1, 2011 to install the lamp, the maximum radiation of less than 0.3 watts per 1 sq.m. Meanwhile, According to the local Center for Consumer Protection, last year tested levels of radiation lamps ignored 93% of the firms that offer tanning services.

Belarus has no such law. Tanning salons in Minsk and other Belarusian cities more and more. Not in all of them with advertising — say, there have recently purchased the most modern and friendly lamp. You can also visit the memo, warning of the possible consequences of exposure to artificial sun. Defined category of people who are not advised to visit the solarium. Among them — and minors. Inquiries from doctors and identity of customers tanning nobody demands.

Meanwhile Belarusian specialists in oncology Borovlyany state that patients melyanomu skin appears more and more. By sponge, tumor processes has recently intensified, not only because of the large amount of tanning, but due to abnormal heat, observed in This year,. Experts believe that the Belarusians should be very careful about sunbathing.

Tablet instead of the sun and tanning beds

Or offer something modern medicine to those who live in conditions of shortage of sun? After all, other than those mentioned endorphins and beneficial vitamins, UV rays contribute to the development of melyaninu. This natural radyepratektar protects us from the effects of gamma irradiation and promotes excretion of radioactive substances.

As studies have shown a group of scientists led by Dr. David Fisher, get a tan without the sun or solarium can still be. For this purpose, a new drug that can be used for medical and cosmetic purposes.

As the British dermatologists and one of the developers of the drug, David Fisher, "our main goal — to increase production by human skin melyaninu that protects it from harmful UV radiation and as a result of skin cancer. This will not only increase the protective properties of the skin, but also to bring people to sunbathe in the solarium or sun. "

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