Dogs are reading on the eyes as the children



Dogs are so long lived side by side with people that have learned to understand their team. However, they are aware of not only the words or gestures, but also to look. On the movement of the eye of his master dog can predict what he is going to do. Scientists argue that the ability to understand all the words without the four-legged pets are no worse than a two year old children.

Hungarian researcher Joseph Topal came to the conclusion that dogs have borrowed from some people's social skills, such as the ability to establish non-verbal communication, that is, to communicate without words. To figure out what is required of it owner, dog follows his gaze. If a person makes eye contact with a pet — it is a sure sign that the team now follow.

The experiments using the technique of tracking the movement of the pupil have led to an unexpected discovery. "Our studies have shown that dogs respond to human communication in the same way as young children. Previously it was assumed that this type of communication is peculiar only to the people," — said Joseph Topal. Children aged between six months and two years and learn to recognize the mood of a request by the parents, such as those looking at them. Similarly, the act and the dog. For example, they are not willing to take the food out of the hands of people who look away. Those who look to the four-eyes, gives them more confidence. Topal canine compatriot Peter Pongrash went even further. He argues that the barking of man's best friends are encrypted different message. So, accurately determine the size of the dog snarling animal only by the sound of his voice.

Specialists conducted the study, which involved 96 dogs of various breeds. All of them showed images of two other animals. On different half of the screen projected images of the same dog, but one image corresponds in size to an animal growl which the subjects listened to. The second photo was decreased or increased by a third. It was found that over 80% of all dogs who participated in the experiment, at the sound of the dog voices from the speaker is looking at the picture of an animal corresponding to the size of growl. The results are very surprised scientists still believed that transfer, and most importantly — to perceive the voice information with such accuracy can only primates. "We have clearly demonstrated that their dog growl exactly broadcast to all surrounding animal information on their size and the degree of potential danger," — said study author Peter Pongrash.

Vitaly Nikonorov

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