Dolphins at his post of Ukraine

October 15, 2012 9:05

In the Sevastopol aquarium taught military science 10 dolphins. In the area of Sevastopol they are taught to look for and pick up from the bottom of various objects using a special device on his head. Combat skills program involves an attack on the underwater saboteurs and trial.

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First train dolphins for such purposes began in 1973, when the base is still owned by the Soviet Union. After the collapse of her departed Ukraine. There are only two centers of combat training dolphins in San Diego (USA) and Sevastopol.

In Russia, after the collapse of the Soviet Union the practice of training military dolphins is not used. We have in place to protect dolphins important objects, search and pick up items on the surface of the sea teach seals. Trained seal can even neutralize the enemy. Our pinnipeds can detect leaking gas, classify found purpose and even take part in the relief efforts.

Studying in the Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, there are dozens of seals. Work on the preparation of animals for military service in recent years has increased markedly due to the fact that there were plans to develop the Arctic.

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