Dr.Web for Android tablets on the Japanese educational Challenge Tablet

The company "Doctor Web" reports that Dr.Web for Android in April 2013 with pre-installed on the Japanese educational tablets Challenge Tablet. The manufacturer of these devices — the company Benesse Corporation — has acquired a comprehensive OEM-license for Dr.Web for Android. 

In the framework of the Russian company "Doctor Web" — the manufacturer of anti-virus protection of information — from the Japanese company Benesse Corporation has agreed to preinstall software product Dr.Web for Android tablets to popular Challenge Tablet.

Since April 2013, the start of the new academic year in Japan, these tablets are used by high school students as a supplementary educational materials for distance learning courses conducted by Benesse Corporation.

Today Dr.Web for Android is popular not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders. And in the CIS countries — Ukraine, Kazakhstan — and in Asian countries — Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Japan — and overseas — in the United States. In all these countries, the number of installations of Dr.Web for Android in the hundreds of thousands. The total number of users of Dr.Web for Android today is about 20 million.

Dr.Web for Android is already pre-installed on some Russian mobile devices. And cooperation "Doctor Web" from Seiko Instruments Inc., Launched in February 2013, was the product of OEM debut in a major foreign markets. Buyers of electronic dictionaries Dayfiler automatically have at their disposal Dr.Web for Android Light.

About plates Challenge Tablet

Challenge Tablet Tablets are specifically designed Benesse Corporation for middle school students, who use them in training courses the company. These plates can be used with conventional textbooks. Hardware models are different screen sizes, configurations and the availability of folding stand. So that students can safely use the tablets, they are pre-installed anti-virus protection of Dr.Web for Android, but also has the function of filtering and restrictions on the use of time.

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About Benesse Corporation

Diversified structure of Benesse Corporation offers products and services for the education of children, educating parents and care of the elderly. Department of the company in charge of education (for 60% of sales), creates the correspondent training courses, offers assistance in preparing for the exams, as well as other services related to teaching Japanese children in high school. Benesse Corporation also publishes the magazines, which are the main target audience — women.


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