Dreams and the geomagnetic field

September 16, 2012 20:49

Plots of nightmares and sweet dreams lie within the past experience of the person. This fact is not in doubt psychologists. But the intensity with which these visions are visiting us, depends entirely unexpected factor — geomagnetic activity on our planet. The conclusion reached by the German scientist Derrek Lipnitskaya, subject to a systematic analysis of the experience of dreams for the last eight years.

Psychologists have found that when the local geomagnetic activity reduces the interval between such vivid and memorable dreams, and increased absorption in them. Studies have shown that a reduced geomagnetic activity promotes development of the hormone melatonin, responsible for the correct functioning of the body's internal clock. Lipnitskaya relying on unsupported assumption that melatonin promotes restful sleep,

From 1990 to 1997, Derrek Lipnitskaya kept diaries, which recorded the content of their dreams. 2387 came to a total of descriptions, each of which is assigned a psychologist evaluation on a 5-point scale according to their strangeness. So on the "unity" he assessed night vision, are indistinguishable from real life, while the recording of "I'm on the beach and talk in English with a monkey, and a woman standing next to the size of a doll" received five points. Using data on the geomagnetic activity in Perth (Australia), where Derrek lived in those years, he took the days when the rate of K-index is equal to the minimum or maximum. K-index is used to determine the state of the horizontal component of the magnetic field of the Earth. Like scores of seismic activity, the K-index describes the geomagnetic disturbances. Thus, the index "0" denotes the total magnetic calm, and a value of "5" and higher magnetic storm begins.

Total Lipnitskaya selected 66 days with a minimum of 70 days and a maximum of geomagnetic activity, and then compared the dates selected from the entries in his diary. It turned out that the most strange and phantasmagoric dreams were in the days with the least influence of the magnetic field of the Earth, while at the maximum dreamed events, little distinguishable from everyday life Derrek. Such precise correlation was a complete surprise to other scientists. They even initially embraced Lipnitskaya studies as "unscientific." Many experts are connected to a German study, since obtaining a complete picture of this phenomenon is necessary to process the data from other experimental.

In the event that such a dependence nightmares of Earth's magnetic field is proven, a new promising area of science of sleep. Experts say that may occur in the near future, devices, systems using electromagnets to adjust the depth of sleep and his dreams.

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