Drought and crop failures in the Southern Federal District

In the south of Russia set a heat wave. In some regions, due to the abnormally high temperatures, it was decided to introduce a regime of emergencies. Most agrarian country due to prolonged drought were threatened famine.

State Commission for Emergency and Fire Safety in Kalmykia introduced a state of emergency due to the drought and the loss of about 50% yield.

From the middle of May at the republic established dry and hot weather. So on Thursday and Friday, June 14 and 15, the air temperature in the region has reached 40-43 degrees, which is higher than the absolute maximum of 1-2 degrees. While forecasters predict that the drop in temperature will begin on 16 June: in the daytime air warms up to 26-31 degrees above zero.

In the emergency area were 11 out of 13 district municipalities of the republic: Gorodovikovsky, Iki Burulsky, Maloderbetovsky, Ketchenerovsky, Priyutnensky, Sarpinskiy, virgin, Yustinsky, Yashaltinsky, October, Yashkulsky areas. As a result of drought killed crops over an area of 120,000 hectares, which is 47% of the total sown area. Damage at cost agricultural producers exceeded 500 million rubles.

Volgograd region to predict the death of 600 thousand hectares of grain

A similar situation exists in neighboring Kalmykia in the Volgograd region, where the heat does not fall on May 1. On June 14, the region was put on high alert because of drought, threatening agricultural crops over an area of 600,000 hectares.

At the moment, there is a critical situation in the 24 municipal districts of the region, of which 21 reached the area soil drought hazard criteria.

Material damage to agriculture is estimated at 5 billion rubles, and the costs of farmers to cultivate crops of dead could reach 1.9 billion rubles. According to experts, plant winter wheat in the south, beyond the Volga and central areas are depressed and critical condition — was dying of side shoots, drying the top of the ear. In spring crops is not a secondary root system.

The drought has deprived saiga natural food

Heat waves, well-established in the territory of the Southern Federal District, turned to the region not only the damage caused by loss of harvest. Due to the extremely dry spring had lost its natural food antelopes — rare species of antelope, living in the steppes of Kalmykia. The grass, which feed on wild animals, because of the drought did not grow in the desert, so the food for the saiga in the republic will have to drive from the Rostov region.

In view of the situation The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has decided to allocate in 2012 about one million rubles for the conservation of rare species.

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