DuPont opened a plant in Ukraine for seed production value of 40 million dollars

DuPont opened a plant in Ukraine for the production of sunflower seeds and corn worth $ 40 million This is the correspondent.

"Construction of the seed plant in one of the most productive regions for growing corn and sunflowers in the world will provide the best Ukrainian agricultural products, adapted to their needs," — said the executive vice president of DuPont James Borel. 

Also, according to Borel, the company is ready for operation, but all work will be fully completed by August 2013

As the CEO of DuPont in Russia and Ukraine Csaba Molnar, plant "Stasi-Nasinnya" will initially run solely for internal use in Ukraine.

"This plant is needed to meet the needs of Ukraine, but we can not rule out that we will then export, particularly in Russia," — said Molnar.

The plant will produce about 500 million bags a year of family workers hybrid maize and sunflower brand Pioneer.

DuPont — one of the world's largest chemical companies. Produces a wide range of chemical products and materials, including fluoropolymers, electronic materials, polymers, agricultural chemicals. The company also produces genetically modified seeds. DuPont shares included in the index Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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