Earthlings are shocked by what they saw a UFO over Princeton

December 2, 2012 1:44

A few days ago, one of American television — «14News, — informed the large number of unidentified flying objects that have seen residents of Princeton / Indiana / United States / evening of the twenty-sixth of November this year. Such strange objects were different colors, some of the "Lantern" hanging in the air, and the rest of the UFO moved slowly across the sky. The total number of unidentified objects has about thirty, and they actually exist, as they have seen a lot of people.
Mass UFO flying at Arizona.

The American Center for UFO had collected a number of eyewitness accounts of strange, so far — unexplained phenomena. So, Arizona is one of the most "visited" enlonavtami — is 1950: City of Paradise Valley, 1953: district of Kingman, in 1964 and 1966. — Capture Pilot UFO list can go on and on. For more than fifty years, researchers, UFOlogists dealing with the issue for the Study of UFOs, but until a consensus is not reached. There are a number of interesting eyewitness accounts of these incredible events.

To William Hamilton — an employee of the U.S. Center for UFO — thirteenth morning in March 1996 was no different. He received an email from a certain Steve from Phoenix / Arizona State Capital / who said that from March 10, he and his family noticed and filmed the unusual orange flashes appearing on the horizon, near Indian reservations. William Hamilton contacted him and arranged a meeting. On the way, taking his friend Tom King, and together they went to the home of Steve. It was very early when the host cordially invited to view their balcony second floor, facing south.

Just there for a "lookout." About half past nine in the evening, when William went to the balcony, Steve showed him the direction — to the south-west — to the side, where a few days he had watched the mysterious lights. At about ten o'clock in the sky there was a shining point that unfolded, and William appeared before the astonished unusual sight: six bright orange lights in the night sky erupted. They were are located on the same line, the left point was divided into 2 balls. Tom King took them on a video for a short time, during which the lights went out one by one, to "dissolve" the invisible horizon. As it turned out later that day witnessed the unusual happenings were hundreds of Americans from various parts of the state.

First flying "saucers" appeared in the 40's.

Confirmed UFO era began twenty fourth June 1947 This day trader from Idaho — Kenneth Arnold — flying on a private plane over Mount Rainier / Washington / collided with a squadron of the 9 objects like a flying saucer. The story of his thundered around the world, it was then that a new science was born — ufology, seeking to unravel the mysteries of such phenomena.

During the last period in America were published memoirs of former employees of the FBI and other special services, which describes how the United States formed aerial defense unit. Their description is completely eyewitness UFO photographs, which documented "plates."

In his treatise "UFO and the FBI," Dr. Bruce M. says he first "real" American "dish" emerged in the late forties. They consist of one or several membranes as affected by pulsed electromagnets.

Whether humans are doomed to loneliness?

The assumption about the fact that the universe could be habitable planets, arbitrarily based on a false hypothesis as to what other worlds similar to the Earth. Based on the opinions of researchers from Princeton University — it is possible that we are the only representatives of the sentient beings in the cosmos.

To prove the assertion of its own professors — David Spiegel and Edwin Turner used a method known as "Bayesian analysis." The essence of it is that the researchers used in their work the evidence, but repelled by the hypotheses.

The basis of the researchers put the fact that at the moment the Earth — the only planet where life exists. According to scientists, the paleontological discoveries show that life began at an early stage of history. This suggests that life — it is a common phenomenon in the universe, as on other planets, it should blossom was also fast.

All hypotheses about the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, for the most part are based on the assumptions of the researchers.

Support scholars from Princeton and many of their colleagues. Based on the views of Joshua Wynn — a professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there is a common argument, ostensibly life can spread everywhere, otherwise it is not conceived as soon as the earth's surface to cool. This argument is, at first glance, it seems convincing, but Turner and Spiegel proved that it does not hold water. Analyzing life on only one planet, we can not get even a rough estimate habitable universe.

It should be noted that recently, researchers found that only one in our galaxy can be up to half a billion planets where life can be generated. These data were obtained by the Space Telescope "Kepler". However, the total number of exoplanets can reach fifty billion.

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