Easter Island statues legendary began to walk!

American anthropologists reconstruct their movement using the four-ton concrete replica

American scientists might have been able to solve the mystery of giant statues of Easter Island, guessing how the creators could move them over long distances.

For the manufacture of the very cues with which they learn to move — scientists previously made a three-dimensional model of a real moai (the so-called statues of Easter Island). Then, based on this model was made concrete replica weighing about four and a half tons, writes NatureNow.

According to scientists, this is the way to get around using local people, produce a little less than a thousand statues placed throughout the island.

Help manual:

Moai — stone statues of Easter Island on the coast in the form of a human head height up to 20 meters. Contrary to popular belief, they are not looking towards the ocean and inland. Some moai have caps of red stone. Moai were made in the quarries in the center of the island.

How they were brought to the coast is unknown. According to legend, they "walked" themselves.

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