Eastern Europe. The last argument of the liberals

The battle for the minds lasts. After 2009 all the liberals in the post-Soviet space has become very difficult to be retained in the framework of their own political and current understanding of the world, even more difficult to hold up its position in the dispute in the discussion. So, once again I remind you that the creator of these lines did not hold back in 2010, and in 2012 decided not to remain silent in the fact that he was wrong for a long time. And it is not only in the economic decline of 2008-2009, from which it is very much affected Ukraine, where I actually live, still deeper and harder. Not enough fingers on the hand, that list and it is: values, morality, culture, demography, religion, economics, social justice, inequality, lack of freedom in the sense of 'free' world, country, etc. Special attention and deserve a whole topic: Libya, Syria, and Mali.

So much so, that on Sunday afternoon at the Ukrainian news portal found an article entitled: "Oligarchic" patriotism ": the last hope?"
Essence article boils down to the fact that Ukrainian clans and oligarchs forced to announce "no" hated the Customs Union. The oligarchs are the last hope for Ukrainian liberals hold for the European course of Ukraine. Insanity is growing. I will not open "America" for the readers of the CIS, the concentration of capital in large Ukrainian authorities have long since surpassed the Yeltsin era in Russia. Curiously, Ukrainian nationalists who plagued the country in the wake of a hated oligarchic regime, also hope for "wisdom" Ukrainian "lords." But, like it was, the fans become less liberal current. Another thing is that on the lowering of nationalism and yet not have to read. But for now they are not.

The same processes take place in Russia. However, here enclaves of liberalism keep the defensive. In the main, it is Moscow and St. Petersburg. Hopefully in Novosibirsk, where I live my grandmother, and where they create and collect the famous Su-34 will no longer burn the effigy of Putin at -40 in the winter, because it looked like a "best" tradition of the hot Egyptian uprising against Mubarak.

So why is Eastern Europe — this is the last argument of the liberals? Surprisingly, it is not even noticeable on the website, "Military Review" in the comments as "stray" liberals who bring light to us as "the dark." All of us often given as an example: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, the Baltic States from time to time. Hungary, for obvious reasons, was deposited in the sediment and the house is worth. Once we have on Ukrainian TV liberals, experts and journalists discussing the topic of why Hungary slipping into authoritarianism to cut across the EU, the liberals sarcastically suggested in the spirit, "the latter a wandering people of Europe", referring to the Hungarians, and later settled way of life that is allegedly More. If you come out indicative to these "comparisons" that at least some liberal for you to pronounce that the whole reason for this is that the countries of Eastern Europe — this is the last scoop, as it should, go for the fruits of lost abilities. All liberals are seldom mentioned France, Germany, the UK and Southern Europe. And we talk about how great life in the U.S. was in bad taste among the intellectuals and well-read liberals. Indeed, the Western world, specifically the ancient part of it, has lost its former brilliance:

How can a liberal in your kitchen at the family table to campaign for it?

Whether liberal Byelorussian, Ukrainian and Russian, in the first generation after the collapse of the USSR and the Russian education and training, yet he still lies in the cultural and mental space of their own people. Yes, he was quite normally takes, and thus on the level of the norm, things like: «Childfree» (freedom of movement of children), cheating spouse / girl, "business and nothing personal", "life for themselves," but for him liberal of the first generation of the CIS is still unacceptably a positive attitude toward same-sex marriage (not to be confused with the relationship), to the right of same-sex marriage to adoption, "the ban on the wearing of the cross for the sake of political correctness," "bisexual parenting kids in school" (not to be confused with preventive education against chaotic bonds). This is a purely cultural and mental barriers for the "orange" and white-lentochnikov first generation. As long as our fellow-liberals do not have skipped it massively. Although perverse capital of our states are asking the more pace.

With regard to economic liberalism. Here, too, there is progress and transformation. All of the liberal opposition, politicians and experts are increasingly and almost always stay on the model of "Scandinavian socialism." In this fun, some things do not smuschyayutsya to call a spade, agree that there is indeed some socialism, however, with the amendment that it is just ordinary government regulation, government intervention in the market in a life form. Or on the thin end of the symbiosis of capitalism and socialism. In general, appropriate notion of "Swedish socialism," a popular color. Well, the people, does not know in political science and economics is not without a dash of professionals!

And so what if the authorities in Norway have long been a party with such a nice title for the liberal ear, as the Norwegian Labour Party.
So makarom advanced Liberals have gone from motto: "the market is judge."

Comfortable cafe in the center of Bratislava. Then a cup of coffee to enjoy the company of the first generation of liberal Slovakia. Well done, they are "freed" from the Scoop! There is almost no Arabs, Muslims, gay pride parades, there are still people strolling in the church, according cry of the soul. How long?

Have you ever been asked for yourself the question, why in the church of Italy and Spain in order of day or in the "mode" waiting is the issue of "gay marriage", and in Poland the church there? After all, here and there Catholics? Both have no effect on the secular power. Church and there, and there, divided by country. And even quite recently in historical terms, the head of the Church of Rome was a Polish Pope John Paul II. Not long ago I published an article on the website, "Military Review" under the title "The dictatorship — it is always a bad thing?"Again the same person on my part, but still, the quote from that article:

"Going back to the concept of the dictatorship in the state and the dictatorship of the Act, if you believe that the last preserve identity, identity and culture? Maybe I'm subjective, but the dictatorship of the Act protects the constantly changing trend …..
the dictatorship of the law in the state is subject to change and transformation of the public processes and institutions, and cements the basic ideology of the dictatorship of human affairs, but for all that sets new standards in the interests of the individual and society and the country as a whole.

It seems that there may be, it is safe to say that the people together, and together reach new heights and horizons, if interest in each of their own "cave"

Now imagine for a moment if Poland, a devout church and country would never have been in the focus of the Russian bloc and the communist ideology? If the liberal principle
of "market will judge all" there was active from the moment of Marshall Plan for Western Europe, we would have seen the now gay parades against Cathedral in Krakow Poland?

Vorachivayas to the economy of Eastern Europe, it must be emphasized that there is really a middle class society. And it's not only in tourism, the country's size and historical predisposition to trade, to Europe. Just if you associate with old Europe, I mean the West, and specifically taxation, fiscal law, legal pressure on all sectors of society, the economy of Eastern Europe wins the appeal, even in spite of the highest income Frenchmen, Belgians, Spaniards. Virtually all of Eastern Europe, it is an ancient liberal model, which allows the presence in the economic, social, and spiritual realm of the usual things, such as: conservatism and tradition. If we talk easier, while there is still "fashionable" is almost always going to church and start early, or do the kids. But for these positions comes the Western neoliberazm, model devouring itself, excess consumption of worship, destruction of all spheres of life of the indigenous society. Stupidly thinking that an old traditional liberalism in Eastern Europe will stand. It is the same reason that honey tongue, does not stand a debrided wound — gangrene.
We live in an era of globalization and consumption. Liberals leave sarcastic advice to relocate to North Korea, since vmogotu not suffer, pathetic I have for him. They think that it will always be … Kebab in the woods on May prazdnichkom after the protests on May 6 (in Europe to turn up even where there is no private area, that is fine with bare feet to walk on the grass and confess in love mother nature), to punish kids for misconduct (juvenile justice, take away), double taxation (however good, because social protection is growing at times, but in practice gives rise to conscious parasitism, injustice, abuse of benefits, the flow of movement, "who does not work shall he eat"), and excessive political correctness (do not immediately think of the Slavic soul?)

"My freedom ends where another person's freedom begins"

Liberalism — is constantly changing trend. The principle was taken into account when the outlook minority distorted by 180 degrees. To say that the old Europe is mired in a corporate democracy — to say nothing. January 20 st century has just begun …

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