Edward Snowden, astronaut Edgar Mitchell and UFO


Messages that Edward Snowden did leak on UFOs caused comments and questions in the American sector of the Internet. Here's what the magazine writes alernativnyh news altheadlines.com

In a live broadcast on the phone on Fox News, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, former astronaut in "Apollo" and the sixth man to walk on the moon during the Apollo 14 mission, broke the silence and said that aliens do exist, and that the government has hidden this information for more than 60 years.

Currently, 82 — year-old, Dr. Edgar Mitchell announced the problem, and confirms the existence of UFOs for the past few years, and believes that it is necessary to put an end to government secrecy in this area, and that the media discredited the subject.

Credible witness in each subject should be heard

While the media just laughing and having fun in connection with the statements of Dr. Edgar Mitchell, is not taking it seriously, it highlights an interesting point. Men and women, when they get older, are often given the freedom to discover their secrets, since they do not have the usual fear of losing their jobs, ruin careers, or worse.

Over the past 60 years, the topic of UFOs and aliens has been heavily criticized and discredited by the media. She hung on such labels as "conspiracy" and many countless other defamatory terms. But what happens when the reliable people at NASA who is not afraid of the consequences of disclosure of confidential government secrets after they were forced to be silent, and now, when they come to the last few days and they lose their fear of the state?

That's what the problem originated with Dr. Mitchell, because due to decades of discrediting threads Aliens / UFO information society, most people can more easily believe the informant of the NSA, and hard to trust someone, someone came to the "UFO field," regardless its degree of confidence level.

However, the current disclosure of the NSA spying Edward Snowden and obsessive concealment of secrets, offer some interesting possibilities.

If it is now clear to everyone that the government has hidden all this time, information from the U.S. and the world community, and at the same time, the level of public trust in government is at an all time low, would it be correct to assume that all this time suppressed disclosure and other information , for example, about UFOs?
Will the major media are now more open to other alternatives that such a UFO, or will continue to hide the truth from us?

Are we not able to trust a man who walked on the moon?

If it comes to that, what source to trust, and what is the difference between insiders, you should note that Snowden did leak, while still part of the intelligence community, so it retains the appearance of increased reliability. However, it is well leak showed why most people do not do this and keep silent in fear of the consequences.

However, like Snowden, Dr. Mitchell has also worked "inside", and for the last fifteen years or so, came out to the audience and said that the issues of UFOs and aliens are real, and that there was a cover-up for six decades. But the difference lies in the fact that he is nearing the end of his life, and he is not afraid of the consequences of that unpopular truth will come to light.


What are all the same, Snowden told the world?

English site Enternet Cronicele circulated the web for information, to read:

"Higher levels of authority do not know what to do with UFOs, and the official version of what they are all just weather balloons or natural phenomena was clearly rejected …. As it turned out, the most reliable and unexplained sightings are the vehicles that were seen leaving the seabed hydrothermal sources and direct entry into solar orbit …

"Because the data on ballistic missiles, tracking systems, and deep-sea sonar kept as a state secret, the scientists do not have access to data about those objects. Nevertheless, the majority of contractors in DARPA sure that there are kinds of superior development of Homo sapiens and lived in the Earth's mantle . This makes sense if you think about it, because the mantle — the only place where the conditions are more or less stable for billions of years.

Extremophiles can live at different temperatures, is not like us, but they were able to thrive and develop intelligence in a seemingly accelerated pace. It is not, because they just evolved at the same rate, but without many of the vicissitudes that are set for life on the back surface. . .

"The president receives daily briefings on their activities. Analysts believe that their technology had gone away from us, and we have little chance of survival in any potential war. General consensus is that we're just ants from their point of view, and that There is a small chance that they will empathize with us or try to communicate with us. And the current plan in an emergency is to detonate a nuclear weapon in the deep caves to "sting" the enemy, as we have no hope of destroying it, and only that it will prevent further attacks. "

Critics may argue that the fact that the 30-year-old former employee of the NSA and the CIA presented in the form of information from the authorities about our "ekstrazemnyh" neighbors are already well known. But information about GPR, or GPR — scanning, which the Internet Chronicle shared and confirmed by sources in the intelligence community, will highlight the popular social regret strategically timed earthquakes and tsunamis.

Just as the system «PRISM» shed new light on the habits of the NSA and the computer system "Echelon", the identified back in the 1990s, a vast complex of underground cities — laser-cut on the basis of pure diamond — the undisputed GPR — scanning will also transform into a public debate about the balance between freedom and security.

I must warn you that the site is famous for the spread of "newspaper duck", so for the accuracy of the information can not answer. Since the leak state secrets to the U.S. yet occurred at Snowden can now "hang" anything.

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