Emergency regime imposed in the Krasnoyarsk region because of forest fires, filmed

Commission on Crime Prevention and Emergency Response in the Krasnoyarsk Territory on Monday lifted emergency regime imposed in the region since July 26 because of the complex forest fire situation, reported in GUMCHS on edge.

"In connection with the stabilization of the forest fire situation in the province boundary commission on the prevention and elimination of emergency situations and fire safety decision to cancel the mode" Emergency "in the region and translate territorial emergency management subsystem in the operating mode" of alert ", — reported in GUMCHS on edge.

At the time the regime in Krasnoyarsk operated 84 forest fires on an area of 6.057 thousand hectares, threatening settlements were not. According to the regional forest fire center, now in the region have two forest fires on an area of 295 hectares. Extinguishing employs 125 people. Since the beginning of the year in the province were registered 2.307 thousand fires on an area of 321.443 hectares.

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