End of the world of the unknown radiation. Atlantis — the ancient nuclear reactor.

September 7, 2012 12:42

End of the world promises to mankind recent find British geologists, Cambridge. Japan's "Fukushima-2?, Which continues to contaminate water oceans radiation, against the new discoveries by scientists, it may seem a low risk.

Another real threat to people today are the remains legendapnoy Atlantis. But the new Atlantis is so dangerous, that can bring about the end of the world? Discovered under a layer of silt in the North Atlantic Ocean, the remains of an ancient civilization is an island area of 10,000 square meters. km. However, this is not a simple island, ie is not a natural geological formation. This artificially created object that more than 50 million years ago, was submerged in the ocean water. Danger is that the inside of the island.

According to the first work of research — the island is a radioactive waste repository. Ie under a layer of unknown material (carbon fiber-like structure) is a reservoir consisting of dozens of sections, each of which is filled with a radioactive substance unknown to science. According to preliminary data, the radioactive substance, buried at the bottom of the Atlantic, refers to a number of transuranic elements with very long-lived isotopes.

Currently, in the depths of the "mysterious island" nuclear reaction takes place on the surface of the sea floor above the natural background radiation in several times. However, the "shell" of an ancient nuclear reactor (or the storage of radioactive waste), is made of very durable material and spontaneous leak in the next few million years is not possible. As for the internal contents of the island, there radiation exceeds all conceivable limits.

What to do with a unique and very dangerous discovery, scientists still do not know. While the decision to explore the island on the surface for any signs left to us by the ancients. While ufologists have announced Atlantis found object of extraterrestrial origin, and are now trying to figure out what it is and how it came to us on Earth.

But scientists from the United Kingdom, first discovered the terrible island, insists on the fact that man-made island, lost in the muddy bottom, near the current Shetland Islands (an archipelago in the north-east of Scotland) — is Atlantis. To say that we previously were not threatened not just now people will know even one more risk, which may lead to the end of the world. Let us hope that we will never know what will happen if something goes depressurization ancient nuclear reactor with unknown to mankind radionuclides.

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