Entering into a trance — a way to increase awareness

October 9, 2012 4:23

The ability to go into a trance — a powerful tool for those involved in spiritual self-development, and for those looking for a way to connect with the higher powers. Altered state of consciousness (self-hypnosis, trance, religious ecstasy, lucid dreaming) is a special state of mind when your body is asleep and the mind is awake.
Official medicine confirms that if the realized change in the state of consciousness the human body is resting about twice as much as in deep sleep. By analogy with the computer, the trans can provide a kind of reboot of consciousness, save him from the virus of fear, anxiety and stress.

What gives a person entering into a trance?

In a trance, the subconscious is able to connect to the information field of the subtle world. For the important tasks or implement particular purpose to enter into a trance and "run" mechanism, which determines the optimal strategy conceived. Human consciousness is not working as effectively as the subconscious. Imagine that you want to prepare a complex project. Consciousness — is the necessary programs that are involved to meet the challenges of your project. In some programs are outdated, others not at all. How efficiently and quickly the project will be executed when connecting to the World Wide Web?
The importance of the subconscious decision says and ancient wisdom of our ancestors. Saying "Sleep on it," advises not to make important decisions based on only one conscious and logical thinking. Going to bed, we double-fall into a trance: going to sleep and waking. Sending subliminal request about the problem, in the morning you can get a clear sound solution. And sometimes the solution can dramatically differ from those of the day before.

The method of entering the trance

There are many ways to achieve a change of consciousness, but first is better to use an easy option. Do not try to immediately go into a trance, if you do not know the techniques of relaxation. Learn basic relaxation or any other ways of relaxing muscle tone.
1. Lying on his back, looking up at the ceiling.
2. Breathe deeply and slowly.
3. Hold your breath for a few seconds and exhale slowly.
4. Close your eyes and hold your breath.
5. Repeat the exercise until the eyelids are not otyazheleyut.
The first sign of a successful entry — his weight and ease of mind. Way, a vision, become alive and vibrant. Changing sense of time: it is like a stretched or slows down. Focus on your problem, imagine a scenario in different types of solutions. If you want to start the mechanism of wish fulfillment, call the images and feelings that are associated with the performance of your dreams. Experience this condition, addressing the higher powers your request.
Do not be greedy and try to grasp the immensity. At one instance — one wish. Thank the universe for your attention and get out of the trance. No sudden movements — breathe deeply and often. In the future, if you want you can use an altered state of consciousness for more important tasks, such as channeling and out of the body.

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