Environmental damage caused by an accident near Novgorod in May amounted to 4,000,000 rubles

Environmental damage caused by the accident at the 367-kilometer oil pipeline Palkino-Primorsk in the Novgorod region, which took place on 14 May, amounted to nearly 4 million rubles, told RIA Novosti Assistant Northwest Territorial Directorate of the Federal Agency for Fisheries Olga Bikart.

"Experts Novgorod laboratory GosNIORKh estimated the negative impact on the fish stocks as a result of discharge of oil, according to which the total amount of damage with subsequent liquidation measures amounted to about 3.828 million rubles," — she said.

According Bikart, administrative investigation found guilty Ltd. "Baltnefteprovod" proposed voluntary restitution.

Leakage around 18 cubic meters of oil products pipelines in the "Baltnefteprovod" in the village in Dubrova Lyubytinskom near Novgorod region occurred on May 14. Previously, the cause of the accident was a faulty valve. Of petroleum products fell into the nearby river Pchevzhu. Press-service of "Baltnefteprovod" in late May, said that all the contaminated water in Pchevzhe collected.

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