Even today, 15 October

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Cloudy …

…and cool. Temperature: -3 — 6 C.

Do not pass:

National Art Museum opening exhibition "Echoes of Silence", featuring the paintings of children with damaged hearing. Beginning at 17.00.

Speech-songwriter Tatiana Bilonog to the students in grades 7-11 school in Elijah. Beginning at 11.00. The event is part of the campaign "Budzma Belarusians!".


In India, starting ten-day Indo-Russian military exercises to combat terrorism.

In Marrakech in Morocco international conference on world politics.


In 1582, Pope Gregory HIII introduced the Gregorian calendar. After October 4, 1582, old style (Julian calendar), the day came at once October 15, 1582, new style (Gregorian calendar).

In 1833, Michael died Kleofas Oginski, a statesman of the Commonwealth and composer, author of the famous Polonaise "Farewell to the Fatherland."

In 1844 was born Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher and writer (d. 1900).

In 1915, in Ruzhany was born in Brest future (1986-1992), Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir (Ezyarnitski).

There is a reason:

International Day of Peasant.

Handwashing Day (preferably with soap).

MINUS 365:

A year ago on the site of Liberty: "We have so many whores that prostitution should be legalized."

Quote to remember:

"Happiness is a man called" I want to. "Happiness is a woman called" He wants to. "

"If you are a slave, you can not be a friend, if tyrant — you can not have friends."

"Between religion and true science is no relationship, no friendship, no varagavannya: they are on different planets."

Friedrich Nietzsche

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