Even today, 21 October


Dress …

…warmer and do not forget an umbrella. Temperature: 1 — 6 C.

Do not pass:

The State Museum of the History of the Belarusian literature creative meeting with Belarusian poet and prose writer Leonid Golubovich "True art …" on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the birth. The program — a presentation of the new book "and a lobby Sys." Beginning at 17.00.

In the Central Scientific Library named after Yakub Kolas National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (Surganova, 15, Exhibition Center — Room 110) a presentation of "The Sun zakotsitstsa not yours, and your moon will not disappear" (Minsk, 2009). This is a collection of articles on belorusistike and theology in honor of the 80th anniversary of the birth and the 50th anniversary of priesthood of Fr Alexander Nadson. Beginning at 17.00.

The Republican and the Minsk regional councils, the primary organization of the Belarusian Voluntary Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture will present Vileika multimedia disc "Ways Vileyschiny." The presentation will be held in Minsk on the street. Myasnikov, 35 (entrance from the street. Berson, left the store, "Ales"). Beginning at 18.00.


In Strasbourg, the European Parliament announced the name of the current recipient's Sakharov Prize "For the freedom of thought."

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on a working visit to Turkmenistan.


In 1805, a British fleet under the command of Vice Admiral Garatsye Nelson defeated the combined fleets of France and Spain in the Battle of Trafalgar. In the battle Nelson was killed himself, but the victory gave the British the absolute domination of the sea for the next 100 years.

In 1833 was born Alfred Nobel, Swedish chemist and engineer, inventor of dynamite, the founder of the Nobel Prize (d. 1896).

In 1878, Vladimir was born Picheta, Belarusian historian, the first rector of the Belarusian State University.

In 1904 was born Patrick Kavanagh Irish poet (d. 1967).

There is a reason:

Day of the Battle of Trafalgar in the UK.

MINUS 365:

A year ago on the site of Liberty: "Either — stress, either — sex."

Quote to remember:

"Desperate affairs require desperate measures."

"I have only one eye, and I have a right to be blind at times. I really do not see the signal [out of the battle]."

"First, you definitely need to follow orders and do not tend to think about what they are correct or not. Secondly, you need to consider as an enemy of anyone who speaks ill of your king. And third, you need to hate a Frenchman as hell. "

"England expects that everyone will do his duty."

Garatsye Nelson

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