Excitement at Ladoga blows over another day

The threat of flooding in St. Petersburg over. By evening, the water level began to drop in the Neva. However during the day catastrophe, had to leave trail of destruction in the city. Wind gusts reached a speed of 20 meters per second.

In some areas of felled trees. According to preliminary reports of casualties among the population there. Dimensions damage set. More of everything Alex Sinko.

Storm warning was passed on the eve of the operational services. And here, in St. Petersburg ravaged not critical, but still very powerful hurricane. In the central part of the wind felled a few trees. Some of them have blocked traffic on the streets of the northern capital. About disaster victims has not reported. But both the private and city property had already been done hefty damage. Suffered several parked cars. And one of the trees near the fence collapsed Griboyedov Canal. Rescue workers and emergency services in the city urgently eliminate the effects of Hurricane and clearing the roadway.

According to the MES level of some rivers and canals had risen a hundred and twenty eight centimeters. In connection with this move water transport suspended.

Serious storm broke out and Ladoga. In captivity disaster hit the ship "Alexander Suvorov" for tourist trip to Valaam. Because of the waves rose ship can not leave the island and return to the waters of the lake to return to rest in St. Petersburg by the target date. Tourists comfortable conditions and provided food. But a disappointing forecast for the return. Forecasters say that the excitement of the Ladoga not subside for at least another day.

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