Explosions on the sun left Chile without light

Chile remained without electricity for about 10 million of the 16 million people. Bells of solar flares?

Major blackout left on Sunday night without a light central and northern Chile, including the capital Santiago, the agency Xinhua, citing a local radio station Biobio.

According to Reuters, because of a power failure a part of the coal mining industry in the country, which suffered greatly after a powerful earthquake in 2010, ceased operations.

The national emergency management office in Chile reported that the cause of blackout, because of which only in the capital remained without electricity for at least five million people, was "a fault in the system."

Other details are not disclosed. The supply of electricity by 90% resumed in Chile, which on Sunday night experienced a blackout, reports Reuters referring to the application of energy minister Rodrigo Alvarez (Rodrigo Alvarez).

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