Fauna Yamal

Wildlife in the area is very diverse. The list includes 40 species of mammals, fish, birds, 200 species of reptiles and amphibians, one 3 species.
In the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District 250 bird species, of which almost 200 are nested. Of only 90 species of passerine birds, 37 species of shorebirds, 23 species of ducks. In summer you can find 75 species of birds (waders, geese, ducks, swans, geese, white and ptarmigan, snowy owl). Is reducing the number of upland game (ptarmigan, grouse, capercaillie, grouse). This is most noticeable near the villages near the city, along the roads. In the Yamal-Nenets inhabit the red-fronted goose and brant, which are in the Red Book. But the red-breasted goose has a bright color, so some hunters do not shoot it. But the most valuable, if not, precious bird — white crane, white crane. They are on the verge of extinction and found only near the river Kunovat.
Tundra. In the south, home to frogs, newt (Siberian salamander), lizard.
Tundra. In dense areas inhabited by animals and mixed deciduous forests and taiga and tundra meet animals: muskrat, squirrels, bears, moose, polar wolf. Wild deer and elk with the advent of winter go, they can be found only here in the summer and osenyu.Tayga. There is much more diverse fauna: live the most interesting animals of the taiga, among which there are sable, weasel, squirrel, bear, fox, wolf, hedgehog, bat, lizard, viper, too, common toad.
In the waters of the Yamal-Nenets region found little more than 40 species of fish. Ob — is the main river in the production of whitefish relating to salmonids, of all the northern rivers. Each year, the catch peled, Chira, whitefish, tugun, cisco, whitefish, white salmon is 10-11 tons — half of what is produced in Russia or a third of the world catch. Fish is the main source of livelihood of the indigenous population in the North. In the Yamal-Nenets live in fresh water 36 species, 26 of them — is fishing. In Obi contain a large number of species (26).
Favorable conditions, such as moist air and a large number of swamps, good effect on the reproduction of animals. Most of them — it Diptera (lice, gnats, mosquitoes, horseflies). But also there are red ants, chafer, silkworms, etc.
Protection of animals.
The territory of the Yamal-Nenets region are Upper Taz Reserve which includes many of the animal world of Russia. To protect animal reserve established Synsko Voykarskaya-ethnic territory. There is also created regional Red Book YaNAO due to decreasing numbers of several species of birds and animals that are used for industrial purposes.

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