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October 19 evening in the capital's cafe "Good thoughts" an exhibition of Ales Marochkina "Figures." The exhibition of about thirty graphic works dedicated leaders of the Belarusian history and culture, and on the artist's work malbertse, was first introduced to the public. This is a portrait of the poet Anatoly Sys.

In fact, the entire series Alexei Marochkina "Figures" — a new. The artist says that it is the fruit of his work last year. Part of the works was shown at the beginning of the year in the exhibition for the 70th anniversary of Mr. Marochkina.

Among the works of mostly historical figures — the Grand Duke Algirdas, Stefan Batory, statesman ON Janusz Radziwill, Belarusian leader of the Reformation Vasily Tyapinsky, first developer of multi-stage rocket engineer Casimir S. and many others.

The works carried out in the new technique for Alexei Marochkina. This is a computer graphics on fabric, which is then being finalized brush and pencil artist.

But the bulk of the presentation was devoted to paintings "in this country." So begins one of the last poems Anatoly Sys. And the present, and the artist himself talked a lot about this tragic figure in the modern Belarusian poetry.

This is perhaps the first full-length portrait of beautiful Anatolia Sys, who appeared in five and a half years from the death of the poet.

Organizer of the exhibition, art Tatiana Garanskaya talks about the exposure, "And he Marochkin Alexei, and a number of other Belarusian artists over the last 30 years, sought to create a gallery of prominent Belarusian figures — in painting, graphics, sculpture. This series of Alexei Marochkina be summed up as the effort and search, it was like concentrate all the best that has been done in this direction in the second half of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century. Belarusian art history have been examples where in the 16th century created a series of graphic portraits of Sapieha, according to previously written Radziwill paintings. but this series stands high artistic level, and civil and will certainly become a textbook for many Belarusians future generations. "

In the photo: congratulation to the exhibition (Ales Marochkin left)

Photo: Portrait of Anatoly Sys dedicated to its day narezhennya

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