Firefighters dismantled one day three forest fires in Yakutia

Professionals registered for one day in Yakutia three wildfires on an area of 40.5 hectares, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday of the Republican Emergency Management.

"All the fires were put out, to eliminate them have been involved 70 aircraft and one unit," — said the official.

According to him, from the beginning of fire season in Yakutia orders of heads of municipalities banned selhozpaly (burning herbs) in 20 districts — Aldan, Amga, Verkhnevilyuisk Vilyuisk, Horn, Lena, Megino-Kangalassky, Mirny, Kobyayskom, Namsky, Neryungri, Nyurbinskaya , Olyekminsky, Suntar, Tomponsky, Ust-Maya, the Ust-Aldan, and Khangalassky Churapcha areas, the city of Yakutsk.

In connection with the establishment of the fourth (high) class fire danger in the forests of the order of the mayor of Yakutsk Aysena Nikolayev was prohibited from leaving the population in a forest area for picnics and hikes.

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