Flight reverse does not increase the power consumption at the hummingbird — scientists

Energy costs hummingbird in flight backwards compatible with conventional flight, according to U.S. scientists in an article published in Journal of Experimental Biology.

Scientists from the University of California Ner Sapir (Nir Sapir) and Robert Dudley (Robert Dudley) conducted an experiment with five kaliptami Anna — birds hummingbird family. These birds, like other hummingbirds are known to often fly "backwards", but biomechanics of the flight, according to scientists, has not been described previously.

"The results of the experiment were surprising, since we have assumed that the flight back coupled with high energy costs," — said Sapir, whose words are Television and Radio Bi-bi-si.

Sapir and Dudley found sucrose filled syringe disguised as a flower in the wind tunnel, which ran the birds. By varying the strength and speed of the air flow in the pipe, the researchers monitored the position of the body, the movement of the wings and oxygen consumption in birds during flight forward, back and "hang up" on the spot.

However, it was found that the consumption of oxygen during the flight back and forth the same way, while it is 20% lower than a "freeze" in place.

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