Foreign Ministry: Position the Bank is becoming more politicized

The position of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development towards Belarus is "increasingly politicized and controversial." This was stated by Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Savinykh, commenting on the changes in the Bank's country strategy towards Belarus.

"With the one side, Bank declares its readiness to contribute to raising the standards of living of the Belarusian citizens, on the other — refuses to participate in the projects of development of transport and energy infrastructure, which offers direct and depends on the level of the standards. Bank declares its readiness to strengthen environmental standards and environmental practices and at the same time refusing to participate in the government's plans for the development of "green energy". It turns out that the Bank's approach is likely to inhibit the development of market institutions and the private sector in Belarus, and do not encourage them, "- said Savin.

Obviously, he stressed that this is happening "under the pressure of major shareholders, that interfere with the program activities of the financial institution." "Unfortunately, selective and politicized logic always leads to a deadlock. Nevertheless We expect that over time we will be able to return to the logic based on common sense "- said Savin.

May 25 became aware of the revision of the Bank adopted in December 2009a country strategy for Belarus and the abandonment of the planned projects in the public energy sector.

"Due to the adverse developments in the political situation in Belarus after the elections in December 2010 and the further concern of the international community about the attitude of [the authorities] to the political opposition, civil society and independent media EBRD Board of Directors has decided to review the bank's operational approach to Belarus within the existing strategy, "- said in a statement.

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