Forest and peat fires in the Moscow region not — GUMCHS

Existing areas of forest and peat fires in the Moscow region to date, no, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, the press service of the regional GUMCHS.

On Tuesday, residents of Khimki near Moscow and a number of areas in the north of the capital saw the haze.

"For the last day of wildfires in the Moscow region has not arisen. Existing areas of forest and peat fires not," — said the agency interlocutor.

In turn, the head office in the capital's Emergencies Ministry said on Tuesday that calls on the fire in the Northern District of the capital was not.

According to the regional GUMCHS, since the beginning of fire season in the region have been 34 wildfires 33 forest and a peat. The total area of fires was 12.8 hectares.

The press service noted that in the forests of the Moscow region is conducted daily patrols to curb violations of fire safety. In addition, in the region GUMCHS operates a hotline: 8 (499) 743-02-72, in which citizens may apply, including information on natural fires.

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