Forest fires in Tuva stew with air

In Tuva so far recorded eleven forest fires on the total area of 1165 hectares. According to the MOE, eleven active forest fires so far been contained three total area of 55 hectares.

However, there are still eight seats of fire, the largest of which occupy a total area of 795 hectares. For localization and liquidation of steppe fires involved alignment of forces in the 225. Used 35 pieces of equipment, including six aircraft.

EMERCOM in the country appealed to local residents to limit the visits to forests and observe the rules of fire safety.

Meanwhile, on June 6 when extinguishing a forest fire in Tuva tragedy — killed nine paratroopers. They took part in fighting large forest fire in the mountain taiga district Bai-Taiga district. Of the 13 Marines Tuva airbase from fire left only 4 people.

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