From Abkhazia to Georgia with a stop in jail

Young couple from Belarus, which the court in the Georgian town of Zugdidi on October 21, was sentenced to one year of probation, will return home no earlier than two weeks. The inhabitants of Brest Simon and Irina Dyachek October 2, held in custody on charges of violating the rules of entry to Georgia through the occupied territories.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus says: Belarusian citizens who are held hostage to the Georgian legislation, in early November, will return home. The reason for the detention of young people as clarifies the Foreign Ministry, was that official Tbilisi is considering entry into Abkhazia from any territory, in addition to Georgian as a criminal offense. And that is punishable by imprisonment for up to 4 years, or a heavy fine.

Galina Khotenko, mother Irina Dyachek, says that after the arrest she was unable to speak with the children. Because of the Belarusian diplomatic mission in Georgia no connection with her support one of the staff of the Embassy of Belarus in Armenia. However, according to the source, he just looked like all parents, so that they are mentally prepared to pay considerable fines — featured in the amount of $ 1,100 each. Galina believes that the Belarusian state clearly underestimated the seriousness of the situation:

In general, such an attitude on the part of officials — a glaring …

"Children yesterday contacted us. Irina Semenova called my mom, so that she is no longer worried in the hospital. And the Internet revered as Simon gave an interview … But anyway, I just learned from you yesterday that they were tried. Only because journalists we got the information, and so on without you nothing and would not know, because no one reported total silence. Generally such an attitude on the part of officials — a flagrant. But the glory of God and for that, what else can we do? surprised me that most an outspoken man of the Belarusian Embassy in Yerevan, which is constantly called and demanded that I prepared the money for a fine, now stopped altogether. huddled So, what is interesting: why did he not call me now? seemed to me that he just really wanted to please Georgia or to someone else. "

Simon and Irina Dyachek in August, went on a pilgrimage to holy places in Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Syria, Egypt and other countries. However, in the middle of the travel itinerary stop: visiting the monastery New Athos in Abkhazia for "violating the rules of entry to Georgia" were detained and taken to the detention center in Zugdidi. Deacon did not even know that last year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, warned its citizens: in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which as a result of the Russian-Georgian armed conflict in 2008 he wasand recognized by Moscow as independent states, you can only vyazhzhats from the territory of Georgia. In the case of transit crossing above-mentioned republics of the Russian aliens in Georgia face a large fine or jail.

But a warning for various reasons did not understand it all before. Moreover, according to one of the Belarusian tourists, who also had trouble with the Georgian border guards and was forced to pay a large fine, firms deliberately or through ignorance rarely warned about the possible consequences:

The most dangerous thing in this situation is that no advance information is almost no …

"Right now, travel agencies offer cheap holidays in Abkhazia. And in most cases, the travel is not part of Georgia, as it should be according to Georgian law, and in Russia. And I know that this applies to the vast number of proposals. Accordingly, all these people, who rested in Abkhazia when they accidentally or deliberately sent to Georgia will be arrested. The most dangerous thing in this situation is that no advance information virtually none. Agencies if anything they do, they do not tell you. That is quietly sell tickets. We phoned the agency and clear answer got nowhere. "

It is significant that such incidents have taken place in the past year: in May 2009 for illegally staying on the territory of Georgia citizen of Belarus held in the Georgian prison for about 50 days. Free the girl was only after the intervention of diplomats.

A month later, Deputy head of the charity "To see the heart of" Nicholas Kvantaliani was arrested at Tbilisi airport and punished by a fine of more than $ 1,200 for the same article of the Criminal Code — illegal entry into the occupied territory.

As for Irina and seeds Dyachek, the next two weeks they will have to spend in one of Georgia's Orthodox monasteries — as long as no permits will be prepared for the departure from the territory of Georgia.

Shortly after the Russian-Georgian conflict, the Belarusian government has promised the Kremlin to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Last year, drew attention to this, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia, astonished position of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, which suddenly began to play in favor of Tbilisi. Abkhaz officials have said that contrary to the recommendations of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry promises to recognize the independence of the republics.

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