From the End of the World Chinese hide themselves in huge bowls


Chinese farmer found a way to save their loved ones from the coming apocalypse: man carpentry work feverishly huge cocoons, which, according to him, is not afraid of no tsunamis or hurricanes.

Man after hearing the terrible prophecies about what will happen December 21, 2012, decided to build such shelters that would have saved his family from all sorts of variations of the end of the world: floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and other disasters.

Chinese almost finished building the seven spheres designed to have taken refuge in 14 people — all members of the family farmer. In the courtyard of his house you can see the balls that their creator mushrooms "Noah's Ark".

Sheathe metal frame with a special material that has in its composition fiberglass man helping numerous male relatives who count on a place in one of the areas.

Potting balls with different interiors contain oxygen tanks and seat belts, and a little later they load the food reserves and drinking water.

Areas of extremely heavy, and in order to move a "Noah's Ark" on the spot, it takes the power of the four men. Despite its weight, the balls do not sink and are on the water in an upright position.

Farmer hopes that it will pay attention to the development of governmental institutions and international organizations in order to create such areas for the population and thus protect people from impending disaster.

However, the Chinese are not the first who built a shelter in the shape of a ball — his compatriot Yang Zhong-fu first designed the yellow machine, calling it, of course, "Noah's Ark".

The inventor has boasted that its scope can withstand the pressure of 350 tons, the temperature up to 1700 degrees Celsius (3092 F) and radiation. According to Yang, a family of three people will be able to live in "Noah's Ark" for 10 months: a sphere has everything necessary for life support.

Chinese inventor worked on the "ark" for two years and has invested in him 250,000 dollars. At the end of the summer Zhong-fu agreed to demonstrate the strength of the unit, having rather a ride in it through an obstacle course.

Ball with a diameter of 4 meters safely rolled down the hill and landed in a shallow lake and … sprung a leak.


Zhong-fu, got out of the machine is comforted hundreds of curious onlookers, saying that he was not hurt, except for a small cut on his chin.


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