Gaddafis troops than ever convinced of victory

Libyan government forces launched an operation to establish control over the third-largest city of Misrata who are in the hands of the opposition. "The military gains control of the Gaddafi regime in the wake of success achieved in the past 48 hours, all the great self-confidence," — said in a live BBC British Broadcasting Company is one of the British military professionals.

According to the available disk imaging, currently Command of the Armed Forces of Libya has established a coordinating infantry, armored units with warships and aircraft. Western military experts at ranges that opposition, Not available in this part of the country's well-armed groups capable of defending city. But the fact that the population of the town is seeking 300 thousand people, much more difficult to make the government forces capture Misrata puzzle in the shortest possible time. According to estimates of British professionals, the battle of Misrata can only be bloodier and cause another huge international isolation of the Gaddafi regime.

Meanwhile, according to the military spices, have remained loyal to the Libyan government forces are not currently required capacity in order to take the opposition stronghold — the city of Benghazi. "Prior to Benghazi armed unit will go to the west about 300 km through the desert, to which they are currently not able to — said BBC. — At the same time we should not forget that the town is home to about 1 Millin people who are willing to fight back with a gun a hand. "

Yet, the government forces are not idle taken in the town of Ras Lanuf and try to develop the success of this important east. According to the incoming disk imaging, currently they are coming to city Marsa el Brega, told Itar-Tass.

"Operational situation at the moment in favor of Tripoli" — see English military special. In his view, the strategic task of today's actions Libyan government is to establish control of the main objects of the oil industry, including the deposit, and try to enter the economic blockade of the eastern regions under the control of the opposition. "First of Tripoli is trying to deprive the eastern regions of electricity. This task is responsible for the coming of Marsa el Brega, is hosting a large power station," — he said.

Government troops currently are kept under the control of the town of Ras Lanuf and Ben Jawad. The rebels retreated 70 kilometers from El Brega, this settlement is actually empty. Army holds as before for an Eze-Zaviyu where almost a week were bloody fights.

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