Gas exposure or experiences of aliens: the mystical path steals memories drivers

December 18, 2012 19:35

Several drivers traveling a certain period of a highway in Argentina, reported that experienced a strange feeling: people were in the area where "there is no time."

35-kilometer stretch of road between the towns Lonkimay (Lonquimay) and Angua (Anguil) once again drew the attention of local residents: a few drivers who have overcome this part of the highway, told of his strange sensations.

First started talking about the mysterious way a decade ago, when the city Lonkimay appeared a man who could not figure out where it is. A driver with a confused look on his face stopped at a service station and asked the workers, what is the name the place where he came. SRT staff who are interested his condition, inquired what had happened on the road.

The man told me that I felt great and followed the road, and then suddenly appeared near the station. Moreover, the memories of how he has come a long stretch of road, the driver completely absent.

The incident long buzz Lonkimay residents, but such cases are not repeated and discuss the mysterious road gradually ceased.

Recently, however, a number of drivers who have come into the village, told of the strange events that happened to them in the ill-fated stretch of highway.

"We went on route number 5, when were disoriented, that is completely lost their ability to navigate. A few minutes later we woke up and realized that broke a few miles, but I did not remember how it happened, "- said Joel, who is driving the vehicle.

A similar case, said another man caught in an anomalous zone, where, according to the drivers, "no time." All disoriented people were on route number 5 in the time of day.

Paranormal researchers have published an ad in the local newspaper: "In view of the increasing incidents of anomalies in the highway segment, we ask all those who became a member of unexplained phenomena, contact our center."

Local residents, frightened by tales of confusion to the driver, with disapproval speak about the mysterious road. Some argue that this effect of the gas on the people, others are sure — aliens kidnap humans to conduct their experiments.

Anna Romantsev

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