Gazprom International sets record drilling depth in Central Asia

April 15 in the course of exploration, which Gazprom International is in a promising area Sarikamysh in Tajikistan, drilling wells, "Shahrinav-1p" design depth of 6,300 meters to reach the mark in 6000 of 130 meters.

This is a new all-time record in the history of the depth of drilling for oil and gas in Central Asia. Until now, the deepest in the Central Asian region was considered an oil well was drilled in the Fergana Basin in the east of Uzbekistan (6112 meters). The deepest borehole in Tajikistan was a "South Tau-1" (6101 meter), drilled in the south in 1991.
Currently drilling is in the Cenomanian deposits of chalk, which are more than one hundred million years. In the Afghan-Tajik basin, which is located within this structure, the deposits of this age in subthrust conditions are opened for the first time.

Commenting on the event, head of Gazprom International in Tajikistan Igor Shatalov said: "The geological information obtained during the drilling of the well Shahrinav, is of great interest. It will assess the prospects of the penetrated sediments and obtain parametric data that could form the basis for further study of similar facilities in both Tajikistan and beyond. "

"Gazprom" owns two exploration licenses in prospective areas of mineral resources in Tajikistan (Sarikamish and West Shokhambari).

Cooperation with the Republic of Tajikistan is built on the basis of an agreement on the general principles of the geological study on oil and gas areas of Tajikistan, signed by the parties in 2008.

Projected reserves of gas in the area Sarikamysh tentatively estimated at 18 billion cubic meters of oil — 17 million tons of dissolved gas — 2 billion cubic meters Drilling at Shahrinav was launched in December 2010.

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