General Electric and Bashneft began testing technology of biological wastewater treatment

GE and "Bashneft" started pilot testing of energy efficient membrane technology for biological treatment of waste water coming from the refinery complex "Bashneft" and other enterprises of the Northern industrial hub of the city of Ufa.

Tests are carried out in conjunction with the State Unitary Enterprise "Institute of Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry" (IPP) in preparation for the modernization project of biological treatment plant (BFB) of "Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim."


During the tests, which will last until 30 June 2013, GE Power &Water, a business unit of General Electric, plans to demonstrate the technological possibility of wastewater treatment in accordance with the stringent requirements of environmental laws.

As part of test events GE Power &Water plans to use the technology of membrane bioreactor (ZeeWeed MBR), reverse electrodialysis (EDR), reverse osmosis (RO) and adsorption on activated charcoal. The use of the latest methods of treatment of the complex allows for the principle of "closed-loop" and to minimize the necessary amount of water intake. A distinctive feature of the purification process based on GE technology complex is a lack of both primary and secondary clarifiers. The output from the activated sludge aeration tanks captured ultrafiltration membranes ZeeWeed 500d. Dewatering of sludge, sediment and sludge sold on compact centrifuges. All this allows you to reduce the area of water treatment plants, as well as completely prevented the discharge of pollutants into the environment.

According to the results of the pilot test GE Power &Water will develop a basic engineering documentation of the project.

Biological wastewater treatment plant branch "Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim" put into operation in 1958. On the SPU after mechanical pre-treatment received, industrial, heavy and domestic effluents three refineries "Bashneft", OJSC "Ufaorgsintez" pumping station "Cherkasy" and a number of other enterprises of the Northern industrial hub of the city of Ufa. Reconstruction of the BOS held in 1983.

In accordance with the agreement signed December 6, 2010 between the Office of the RPN in the Republic of Bashkortostan and JSC "Ufaneftekhim", by December 2011, it was a feasibility study on upgrading the BOS. In 2012, a contract for the design of the modernization of biofeedback with State Unitary Enterprise "Institute of Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry".

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