Genetics create a Christmas tree that will glow in the dark.



The tradition of decorating the Christmas and New Year tree has a long history. In XVI used for this purpose apples and sweets. Then took place on the branches of colorful balloons and toys. Another essential attribute of forest beauties from the middle of the XIX century was the highlight in the form of candles, which were later replaced with electric garlands. Now the window XXI century, and scientists offer a forest beauties for Christmas lighting in the spirit of modern times.

British Genetics of the University of Hertfordshire (University of Hertfordshire) figured out how to use genetic engineering to make Christmas tree needles emit their own light. To do this, they're going to transplant ate two genes taken from jellyfish and fireflies. One is responsible for production of green fluorescent protein, while the second produces the luciferase enzyme.

Young shoot will infect a harmless bacterium that is essential genes and incorporates them into the DNA of the tree. Then, using a chemical lyutseferina included in the fertilizer will be activated enzyme, which, in turn, "including" a glowing protein. As a result, the modified needles will glow in the dark and in daylight.

Which did not seem to be a fantastic idea, in its development, scientists have relied on previous successful scientific work. Earlier, a similar method was used to set up a glowing in the dark silk, potatoes, and even mice and pigs.

The only problem they see the authors of the project, is the price of the amazing Christmas tree. They estimate this tree will cost about $ 320 and will afford not to all. However, they believe that such an unusual commodity in any case, will be in demand.

The idea has potential for development. It was not so long ago were discovered in nature, blue and red fluorescent proteins. So in the future, you can create the Christmas and New Year's trees, which will emit a colorful glow.

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