Giant vortices in the sun influence the occurrence of magnetic storms

March 29, 2012 15:55

Astronomers have recorded on the camera's unique huge tornado in which the matter was moving at a speed of 300,000 km / h.

Such gigantic tornadoes play a significant role in the formation of magnetic storms.  Photo:

Such gigantic tornadoes play a significant role in the formation of magnetic storms. Photo:

British astronomers have for the first time in the history of recorded video on a giant plasma tornado on the surface of the Sun. He was wide five planets the size of Earth. Whirlwind scattered around the boiling matter at 300 thousand miles per hour. "It is quite possible that this is the first picture of such a huge tornado, obtained with the orbiting telescope. SOHO probe used to be smaller tornadoes, but could not photograph them or remove the video ", — the head of Shin Lee of the University of Aberystwyth. Sensational footage astronomers presented at the British National Astronomical Conference in Manchester. Tornado researchers discovered in September 2011, observing the development of one of the prominences with solar observatory SDO.

On the solar surface plasma tornado spree.  Photo:

AIA onboard telescope fixed at the foot of the prominence point where Very Hot plasma temperature from 50 thousand to 2 million degrees Kelvin rise to the upper layers of the solar atmosphere along a helical path. Observations indicated that the matter was moving in those tornadoes with an average speed of 300,000 miles per hour. For comparison, the wind speed in the Earth vortexes only reaches 150 kilometers per hour. "These unique giant tornadoes have a special role in shaping the global solar storms" — added another member of the study group, Hugh Morgan. Earlier, an amazing video of solar tornadoes play on the surface of the sun, made spacecraft NASA. Swirling fountains are crawling over the surface of the plasma light during the 30-hour period, 7 and 8 February. In the video, the cooled plasma appears as a dark spot on a light background. SDO spacecraft recorded a video in the extreme ultraviolet range of the light spectrum, adding the movie scary yellow.

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