Glass: BPF activist Alexander Fedorov — on the loose

Parole release activist from the penal colony number 49 open district court ruled Shklovsky more October 11. However, two days after the decision of Alexander Fedorov continued to hold to the "chemistry", he argues, is illegal.

On He said, the administration of the colony was looking for a reason for making him a warning and reversing the decision of the court.

Fedorov"Someone tried to intervene and not let me go free. Even after the trial. For all the time conclusion I have not had a single violation, and even comments formal reasons why I did not let go in the court and the administration of the colony was not. Under great pressure, including the public, I got to get out. I was warned that any offense can be fatal for me. That is, any administrative offense carries the return me back to the correctional facility open. I know the police have a practice of detention for the fact that I swore to their landing. And that's enough. "

On the "chemistry" Alexander Fedorov was transferred to This year, January 25. Prior to that, a year and a half activist serving a prison sentence in the Mogilev number 15.

Alexander Fedorov arrested June 14, 2007. April 1, 2008 Shklovsky district court sentenced him to five years' imprisonment in a penal colony. He was found guilty of abuse of power, misappropriation of state property and causing damage to the state in the amount of eighteen million rubles. Guilt Fedorov did not recognize. Even from prison, he wrote the complaint, which proved his innocence.

Alexander Fedorov — an active participant in the election campaigns. In 2001, during the presidential elections, he was arrested by order of the District Attorney.

Pending the conclusion of Alexander Fedorov led three boiler in Shklou. Two of them were the central and considered exemplary. They warmed important public facilities — executive committee, the prosecutor's office of the school. Identified during the investigation of violation Fedorov argued that the boiler is not enough funded, and he was forced to look for opportunities to support them in working order.


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