GM-AvtoVAZ plan to increase production Chevrolet Niva up to 40%

GM-AvtoVAZ in 2011, plans to produce about 52 million vehicles Chevrolet Niva — about 40% more than last year. As the press service of the joint venture, starting from January 17, the plant increases the daily production of Chevrolet Niva up to 224 cars (28 cars), which was made possible as a result of the resumption of the second shift, introduced September 21, 2010. To date, GM-AvtoVAZ works in two shifts five days a week, 8 hours per shift.
In 2010, the assembly line GM-AVTOVAZ descended 36996 cars — by 60.15% over the previous year. Recall due to increased demand for SUVs Chevrolet Niva from May to September at the joint venture introduced additional weekdays and from 21 September it moved to two-shift operation. Meanwhile, according to the AEB, last year the SUV from GM-AvtoVAZ sold in amount of 35,380 units (+44%), becoming the best selling model Chevrolet. In addition, in 2010, 1924 car Chevrolet Niva were delivered for export to neighboring countries.

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