Granny tattooed himself a new hairstyle



60-year-old Anne Macdonald courageously responded to the challenge of her disease: due to problems with the thyroid gland of female early start to go bald, and three years ago, completely lost the hair on his head. But Onan desperate and found an original way to solve the problem — a place that fell drew himself a new head of hair.

For help, she turned to the nearest tattoo parlor, where an unusual request of the ladies did not believe at first, but then gladly complied zakaz.Enn McDonald led no perceptible life of a typical American middle-aged housewife: supporting coziness house, went for a walk and nursed three grandchildren.

Rare illness overtook her three years ago due to thyroid disease and metabolic completely bald woman. For a long time she had to wear a wig uncomfortable, which recently decided to change it to something more interesting and comfortable — tattoo. — I was sick of wearing those awful wigs and hats — said the woman Daily Mail. — But I do not want to be bald, and decided that the tattoo — that's what I need.

According to the woman, draw her inspiration photo on the Internet, which appears as a bald girl with taturirovannoy head. She printed the picture and went in search of a suitable master. The woman is not immediately able to implement Idea: In the spirit of the tattoo parlors her request considered absurd and refused to help, and only the third to the grandmother to be taken seriously.

Now head Ann McDonald also covers the black-and-white drawing of floral motifs, which, admittedly, in itself is quite pretty. Making extensive tattoo took 12 hours, during which the painstaking artists looms his "picture." The work cost $ 720 a grandmother, but she says it's worth it. Due to this unexpectedly for myself, it was a real celebrity on the Internet. Ann said that the tattoo has changed her life and now she is happy as ever.

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