Greece asked for assistance from the EU in the fight against forest fires

Greece appealed to the EU for help in fighting forest fires, which suddenly broke out across the country on Saturday, said on Sunday night, police minister Eleftherios Oikonomou.

"Even given the help that fire departments have requested the European Union, Italy has responded positively," — said the icon, which are subject to the Greek fire.

According to him, the first two aircraft firefighters arrive from Italy "with the first rays of the sun." Also considering to help Greece, France and Croatia, the Minister said.

According to the minister, in the fires of blame "human factor".

"In Attica we mourn the great destruction that occurred because of the negligence, if not in another, four of our citizens," — he said. According to him, the fire started in the vicinity of Athens because of negligence in conducting electrical work — the fire broke out from the sparks caught the grass on the hand grinder.

Oikonomou also stated that "the night is expected heavy", and the next day will be "even more difficult" because of the bad weather.

In different parts of Greece still going strong forest fires, fire fighting hundreds. The situation is complicated by the strong heavy wind and dry hot weather. Sunday in the country is scheduled for early parliamentary elections.

Greek Fire Brigade has announced that for a Saturday in the country there were more than 35 major fires. Only in the metropolitan region of Attica at night with the fire fighting more than 300 people.

Prime Minister Panagiotis Pikramenos personally watched on Saturday night over the operations of the central fire from the building management services. Are not left behind and politicians who claim to be elected in Sunday's elections. The leader is fighting for the first center-right party "New Democracy" Antonis Samaras said on his page on Twitter, which is located on the site of a large fire near his home town of Pylos in the Peloponnese, where he went to vote in the election.

According to Samaras, fires overshadowed the joy of the victory of the Greek national football team against Russia in the European Championship, which sent the Russians home, and the Greeks led to the quarterfinals.

"Squad we pleased, but now difficult night, and we think about the citizens and firefighters who are fighting the fire," — wrote Samaras.

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