Grodno court rejects appeal Ostrovetsky activist

Nicholas Ulasevich, a member of the United Civil Party, complained about the decision Ostrovetsky District Court, which refused to allow him to consider an appeal on the decision of the executive committee Ostrovetsky ban picket "Chernobyl-Fukushima Astraviec — it you want?".

Ostrovetskiy District Court refused to hear the appeal of Nicholas Vlasevicha on the ground that the appellant did not pay stamp duty on time. Nicholas Ulasevich argues that legal costs him needed pay until April 26, and just April 26 he did.

May 25 at the Regional Court the applicant argued that the duty to pay he was given only four days, three of which were weekend. And the refusal District Court consider his complaint he regarded as a violation of his constitutional right to judicial protection. But in the regional court decided that Nicholas Ulasevich violated state tax payment deadline.

In Astravets plans to build a nuclear power plant. April 26, the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, Nicholas Ulasevich wanted to hold a rally under the slogan "Chernobyl-Fukushima Astraviec — is you want?." He believed that even deploying a slogan, would make everyone think about the reckless actions of the authorities.

The district authorities have banned the rally, referring to the fact that it was filed out of time. Nicholas Ulasevich argues that the timing did not break, and the authorities deliberately banned rally.

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