Gruesome details of the valley of death

Strange and terrible rumors about this secret place, located in the upper reaches of the river Vilyuy. Some argue that there is hidden the entrance to the dungeon of hell, inhabited by unknown creatures, others speak of the many fragments of flying saucers hidden in permafrost … Name of a place, too, speaks for itself, "Elyuyu Cherkecheh." Translated from the Yakut means "Valley of Death."

For many years, local hunters hundred miles pass by this remote area. As the transmitted word of mouth legends have played there from the land flattened arch under which is a set of metal rooms, where even in the most extreme cold as warm as summer. In ancient times there were local hunters brave souls that slept in the premises. But they later getting very sick, and those who spent the night a few times, generally swiftly died. Another object — smooth metal hemisphere red with very smooth edge (cut nail). It extends from the frozen ground, so that it is possible to drive to the top of the deer …

We confess that after hearing these stories about the Yakut "Death Valley", first we have not seen anything in them mysterious. The fact that something like that is regularly seen in the Altai Mountains, and in the Kalmyk Black Ground … And there's a clearing where piled mysterious metal structures is twisted, overgrown with moss, and even entirely new. Sometimes — when the night as during the day (but never on Sundays, and very rarely on 13th of any month) in the sky is heard crashing, flashing a dazzling white crosses, and on earth appears another "metal monster." In the neighboring villages in the houses are unusual stove, made by local craftsmen of the details clearly extraterrestrial origin. There also retold stories of shepherds and hunters, who found a piece of iron "absolutely like nothing on earth" for example, a small silver cylinder hot and cools down for months, and then these people died …

All these puzzles are quite terrestrial origin. On Stranger junk legible stamps of Russian and Ukrainian plants. It is a place of waste falling rocket stages. And because the spacecraft (ships with astronauts, satellites, spies, research stations — from year to year are displayed along well-defined lines, formed on the surface of the Earth "zone" where almost heaps of twisted aluminum cans piled rockets and other debris "space metal . "They say that in the Altai Mountains is an entire village where a stove adapted nozzle spent rocket stages, the benefit for each" union "of two dozen. They also say that an illiterate shepherd Kazakh very happy by finding the remainder of the emergency starting RTGs (radioisotope thermoelectric generator ) because the thing never got cold, and near it was very convenient to bask in the cold, dark night, and when sent from the Baikonur soldiers found the still-lost RTGs in the tent, under a layer of blankets — save the "lucky" has failed. Is not it All this is similar to the legend of Vilyuiskaya "Valley of Death"?

Yakutia and in this case, it is officially one of the areas where debris should fall carrier launched in Kazakhstan. But the fact is that the legends, which we have mentioned in the beginning, were born a long time ago — when mankind had not even thought about the spacewalk. On the "Valley of Death" written in the last century, the famous explorer Viljui R.Maak, noting: "On the banks of the river," Algy timirnit "which means" big pot drowned ", really is a giant pot of copper. Its value is unknown because of the see only the edge of the earth, but it is growing more trees … "

The researcher of ancient cultures of Yakutia N.Arhipov also wrote about the strange objects:
"The population of the basin Viluy There is a tradition from ancient times to the presence of the upper reaches of the river huge bronze boilers olguev. Tradition that deserves attention, as it is expected to locate areas of mythical boilers dated several rivers with Yakut names" Olguydah "which means" Boiler " … "

Modern researchers from the town of Mirny A.Gutenev V.Mihaylovsky and told us about the old nomads, who, having been in the "Valley of Death", telling them about a metallic hole, which are frozen through "a helluva lot of thin, black eyed people in the iron robes. " There are other witnesses to confirm. What is this strange "boilers" are hidden in the Yakut ground? Fragments of "flying saucers", got there after the battle space, as some ufologists? Or is it some traces of ancient civilization? No answer. What is clear is that not all of these legends and rumors are meddlesome fiction.

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