Grybauskaite's visit to Belarus can not please the Kremlin

In an interview with news agency BNS skaat Lithuanian political analyst Kestutis Girnius. According to the politician, Lukashenko will be pleased with the visit, but during it he can hear nasty comments about the standards of democracy.

"If Lukashenko feels the pressure, it is useful to visit, despite the fact that he can hear and criticism. The fact that it may not like Russia, I do not doubt it. But if Lithuania tried very hard to please Russia, it it would bring more harm than good, "- said the agency BNS K.Girnyus, stressing that the Lithuanian-Russian relations are more dependent on Moscow's position.

Presidential advisers said that D.Grybavskaytse arrive in Minsk as a representative of the "troika" of the OSCE. The following year, Lithuania will chair the organization.

According to the adviser Darus Semashko D.Grybavskaytse will talk to Lukashenko that the December elections in Belarus must meet OSCE standards.

During the visit, the President will be accompanied by Minister Foreign Affairs Audronius Azubalis, who plans to sign an agreement with Belarus on border traffic. On the basis of this agreement will create the conditions for the inhabitants of the 50 kilometers of the border with both countries was easier to cross the border.

The site President of Belarus reported that during the meeting will discuss the development of trade and economic cooperation.

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