Hempel «landed in Ulyanovsk

Group Hempel (Denmark) and the regional government of the Ulyanovsk region signed an investment agreement to build a plant in the region for the production of coatings.

"This will be the first plant," Hempel "in Russia. We have two years to choose the site for the project. Specifically considered Tatarstan. But the Ulyanovsk region offered us the most favorable conditions ", — told reporters the company's financial director Kim Andersen Jurga.
Hempel is today one of the world leaders in the manufacture and sale of coatings. The corporation conducts business in more than 80 countries around the world, producing on its 21 factory, including anti-corrosion coatings for almost all types of steel structures, oil and gas installations, ships, containers and boats.

In the construction of its twenty-second plant, which will be located in Ulyanovsk company in the first phase plans to invest about 1 billion rubles. It will be located in the regional center Zavolzhski area near the aircraft plant "Aviastar-SP". On the area of 70 thousand square meters. meters located as the production itself, and warehouses of raw materials and finished products. The plant's capacity will be 16.3 million liters of paint, and with the launch of its operation in December of next year, the product line Hempel in Russia will increase 6 (!) Times (the company now offers the Russian market of 310 names of the products). The Danes claim that the new plant will be equipped with facilities for the production of environmentally friendly inks using the latest technology, including semi-automatic powder handling, automatic liquid dosing system and a solvent recycling facilities. All floors of the building, where it will be located production and storage facilities, will be isolated from each other to prevent soil contamination in case of a spill of production at the plant, as well as for the collection of water in case of fire. Solvents used in the production process are recycled and recycled for further use. "We will apply international standards of environmental protection. By the way, in our factory, these standards even higher. This investment is not a two-year period, and the long-term — 40-50 years, because we are thinking about the future, "- said on this occasion General Director of" Hempel "(Russian branch of Concern) Stephen Schramm.

In general, a good factory, though, judging from the small (relative) amount of investment and construction speed (about 1.5 years from design to commissioning), we are not talking about exporting Danish paint technology in Russia, and the production of Ulyanovsk on the ground of "basic" components manufactured in Denmark, high-end products demanded by Russian consumers. Although Ulyanovsk, for every normal Russian region, this project is of course very important. "Desire" Hempel "to realize the project in the region is very important to us. It is the creation of new jobs, the opening of a new high-tech enterprise, and at the same time, recognition of the high competitiveness of the Ulyanovsk region in the investment market. We are aiming to achieve in 2011 the growth rate of investment in fixed capital is not less than 105% compared to last year, which in absolute terms will be more than 50 billion rubles, "- welcomed the arrival of a new investor home Ilyich governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov.

It remains to add, why the Danes decided to invest it in the Ulyanovsk region, although their touted in Tatarstan and the Nizhny Novgorod region. The other day at the federal level has been certified Regional Industrial Zone (industrial park), "Volga", and will be located where the new plant Hempel. "This plant will get all the preferences provided for residents of the industrial zone of" Volga ". This tax exemptions and subsidies, "- said General Director of" Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation "Dmitry Ryabov. According to him, the Danes are very carefully chosen region for the construction of its first Russian factory. And the main advantage of Ulyanovsk has a more favorable investment climate formed in this region. In addition, there is a federal port special economic zone and formed a powerful cluster of aircraft manufacturing, where production Hempel can find a decent application.

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