Homeless, like Jesus Christ, saved a baby girl

A homeless man saved the life of a baby who was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. The accident happened at the truck stop in Oklahoma City, where emergency parked new mother and her husband. In appearance like a savior Jesus — at least, so it seemed to maternity.

According to his mother Keaton Mason, she did not know her child would be able to survive if it is not a homeless stranger came to the rescue. "Tonight he was our angel," — she said.

October 11 Mason and his fiancee were driving home when a woman unexpectedly went into labor four weeks early. The frightened couple of trucks parked in the parking lot and began to call 911. But the girl was born quickly: Mason delivered of a right in the front seat of their Honda. The child was not breathing.

Witness what is happening Jennifer Morris said that the young mother was screaming, "My baby is blue and it's not breathing!" It was then that tramp Gary Wilson, approached the pair calmly picked up the phone, listened Manager rescue and began to carry out his instructions. He liberated the neck of an infant from the umbilical cord, cut it, and began to rub the back of the girl as long as it does not start to breathe.

"He did everything perfectly right," — told reporters Sandra Lesperens doctor. Wilson's voice was confident, he remained calm and after of successful manipulation of the parents said, "All right, she is breathing."

Tatum Brown was born weighing four pounds 11 ounces (about two pounds). Wilson left the family in the afternoon and continued on his way, saying that it was sent from Montana to Jacksonville.

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