Honda can organize production in Russia

Japanese automaker Honda is once again considering the possibility of organizing production in Russia in the last year resumed talks on the construction of the plant with the Russian authorities. This is the director of the Department of SEZ and project finance ministry Dmitry Levchenko, noting that the ministry is ready to sign an agreement with Honda on alternative to the old regime, "industrial assembly" conditions.

As explained D.Levchenkov to sign an agreement with Honda about the "industrial assembly" does not allow the commitments assumed by Russia to join the WTO. According to him, if Honda does decide to develop production in Russia, she will be offered alternative support options. For example, it may be favorable taxation or customs facilities within the SEZ. Project parameters Honda Dmitry Levchenko not disclose.

According to the newspaper "Kommersant», Honda began talking about building a factory in Russia in 2006, but they were suspended. The fact that the project is again on the agenda, it was revealed last fall. Then the source of "Kommersant" was told that Honda wants to sign an agreement on the "industrial assembly" on soft old rules. According to him the automaker has to start production capacity of 25,000 vehicles a year and localization at the level of 30% after 4.5 years. Similar agreements have ceased to be after the entry into force of more stringent new regulations in 2011, but in June exceptions were made for Mazda and Fiat. However, the Italian automaker has taken on additional responsibilities in terms of production and the level of localization. The agreement with Mazda was signed on behalf of the prime minister, because she decided to start production in the Far East, and it will contribute to the socio-economic development of the region. In the end, Mazda has agreed to organize the production capacity of the plant on Sollers in the Far East.

According to experts, the most logical for Honda also work in the Far East, in partnership with a major Russian car manufacturer, as long as the volume of sales in Russia is very low. According to the AEB, in 2011, Honda sold on the Russian market of 19.1 thousand vehicles, sales growth was only 5%. Build its own plant in Russia with such volumes for Honda unprofitable, it is more logical to wait for tariff reduction under the WTO and import cars, analysts say.

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