Horned deserters Moldovan Dungeon

Strange things are going on in the Moldavian town Odesa shortly after the war.

It began with the fact that once the four teenagers were fishing at night on the bank of the estuary and in the light of the moon seen on the battlements of a fortress several horned human figures …

Hell is the ancient ruins

On the similar shapes and telling insomniacs disabled person who saw through the window, as the light flashed one horny old Armenian woman at the fence, and the fence was a wonderful orchard, known in the neighborhood. The next morning apricots and apples on the trees in the garden was not found, and the two dogs disappeared, never once did not bark.

The number of mysterious incidents multiplied. Propane tank-trailer with milk, which is the night chained to a metal fence of the park. Later iron barrel on wheels found submerged in the estuary.

Mysterious horned creature is clearly needed is edible — that no one doubts, especially after the attack on a truck transporting pigs. Motor vehicle suddenly stalled in the middle of the road. Come out of the cab driver, before losing consciousness, in time to see the pavement horned shadow …

Local authorities and the police seriously attended to the problem, when it began almost regular cattle rustling, which was unanimously accused horny. The corpses of cows, goats and even dogs from the meat cut off found in secluded spots around the city.

The townspeople had no doubt that the mysterious horned people live in the old dungeon, which is believed to have built here in the Middle Ages Genoese. However, it is possible that there were tunnels in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when Moldovan Ruler, which was rebuilt and greatly expanded the old Genoese fortifications. These tunnels are never really explored, and most entrances to them were bricked has dozens, if not hundreds of years.

Life underground …

There was a version of the townspeople themselves and relatively horny men. In August 1944, the city of Odesa released by Romanian troops Soviet units under the command of Lieutenant-General Alexander Bakhtin. During these battles in the local fortress stuck enemy mortar company. It is likely that a group of enemy soldiers and officers, not wanting to die or be captured, went into the cave. Perhaps they were hoping for a breakthrough in the war, and may have just deserted. They had to live somehow, something to eat …

Rumor has found an explanation and strange horns. Romanian soldiers wore caps with conical elongated endings — "horns", which are in the dark, or in connection with low vision might have been a real horn.

In the hypothesis of deserters who had taken refuge under the ground, and spoke in the sensational event — is not drinking the local electrician, sailor hero, once eliminated any problem in an underground pit and underground heard a sound like someone's illegible to vote and humming engine. Sounds gradually grew fainter, as if removed. It was as if some sort of underground flowed life …

In the late 1940s, the Soviet authorities have made a determined attempt to "smoke out" deserters from the dungeons. The action was attended by several thousand troops. The castle and the surrounding area was cordoned off, uncovered dozens of ancient inputs. The search preceded the tragic case of the police, who put it into the one of the tunnels, after the close of the entrance was found mutilated corpse of a cow. The dungeon guards and did not leave.

Large-scale operation to find deserters was not successful. The tunnels (at least in the part that you have examined) did not find anyone. In those years, similar events are not made public, all this became known much later, in the late 1980s.

Horned committed suicide?

The mysterious incident occurred until 1951. Here and there under the ground could be heard knocking, buzzing, and at night there were horned figure. No less mysterious it was over.

Belgorodnestrovtsy that January night to remember. The houses that stood near the shore of the estuary, which went out of the ground heard the roar, resembling explosions. People ran in terror to the street. Many people believe that the bombing started. Underground battle lasted intermittently for about an hour. Then all was quiet. Horny people disappeared forever.

In his article, Kazakov, first told about these events, suggested that exploded military arsenal hidden, and fragments of shells and mines were blown to pieces by those who have completely lost hope of becoming a winner in the war. Maybe someone's negligence occurred. And most likely there was a mass suicide …

In the 1980s, local historian and military historian ME Tereshchenko decided more understanding in this story. For three years he studied the ancient fortifications and searched caves, but most interviewed eyewitnesses. In those years, people were still alive who saw for horny deserters. The researcher received information, they say, first hand.

In academic circles, ME Tereschenko was known as a serious historian, currently, he wrote that in any UFOs and anomalous phenomena never believed. However the picture revealed in a result of his research, turned out such that we had to turn not to historians, but to ufologists.

Prewar "devil"

It turns out the strange horned subjects inhabitants of Belgorod-Dniester seen before the war. The first evidence of concern by 1935. Late at night on a deserted trail some "devils," as the victim, drove her to a state of unconsciousness and killed a flock of geese. The woman finally came to life for a month.

Then, in the late 1930s, to the residents of a house under the floor were heard footsteps and muffled voices. And when they began to dig, accidentally brought down a set of ancient tunnel. Inside, it looked uninhabited and long abandoned. Take the underground did not dare, a hole in the day immured. After a while, a strange sound from the underground resumed.

Striking evidence relates to the period of occupation. Two guy in a vacant lot stumbled into the twilight on silver disc-shaped device, near which some people were busy in helmets with horns (namely hats, not helmets). The boys thought it was the Germans. Then the machine took off and flew away. Tell us about your observation guys dared only in 1946.

No less strange things with dead animals. Those witnesses who saw the remains, claim that they had not a drop of blood, and the meat was cut cleanly and evenly, like a razor. This is all very reminiscent of killings of animals in the mid-1960's in the U.S., and later in other countries.

Ghosts in the blue nimbus

Among the episodes of horned creatures, there are a few that seem to be quite incredible. Two incidents occurred in the presence of many witnesses, including representatives of government. Early in the morning, still dark, milkmaids noticed that the windows of the crib breaks blue light. Cows mooing anxiously. Looking into the room, saw the woman horny men. On the frightened cries milkmaids ran men.

Crib immediately surrounded. Strange strangers simply had nowhere to go. But when the men broke into the building, then no one but the cows were not found.
Another time, late in the evening horned figure, if it were not coming, and floating in the air, saw about two dozen people who were returning from a protracted meeting. Above figures glowing bluish halo. And by the way, weird hats with horns very little resemblance to his cap. Police tried to catch suspicious subjects, but they disappeared in the darkness. This event is preserved an official report.
Later suggested that the deserters have lights, shining blue.

There was a lot of strange and memorable night in January 1951, after which people no longer be horned citizens. While under the ground rumbled in the sky over the city there is a large orange and white spots of light.

"The secret of the mysterious underground of people still remain a mystery — writes in the conclusion of his work, ME Tereshchenko — and as the years go, we have less and less hope that it will ever be revealed. "

Source: "Secrets of the twentieth century. Gold Series" № 3 with

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