How do the Earth from Mars


While the rover Curiosity discovers Earth or Mars organics he found NASA experts are working on projects to create Mars conditions suitable for life.

NASA experts have been working on projects to create Mars conditions suitable for life

The idea to turn Mars into a second Earth is gradually migrates from fiction in the theoretical development. This hypothetical process is even called "terraforming". This week the U.S. media, including the New York Times, reported on proposals by Chris McKay, an expert on Mars from the Research Center. Ames (NASA).

In his words, "to Mars apple trees were blooming", you must first raise the temperature and create an atmosphere in which these apple trees will take carbon dioxide, producing life-giving oxygen. To do this, according to his plan, Mars is necessary to arrange for global warming.

The catalyst warming McKay suggests making factories that produce greenhouse gases such as chlorofluorocarbons and perfluorocarbons are prohibited for release into the atmosphere under the Kyoto Protocol.

These factories will use chemical compounds derived from the Martian soil and atmosphere. Each complex will be a grand structure that consumes as much energy as it produces a large plant. On the cost and complexity of this idea still looks fantastic, but it is completely implemented.

The choice on chlorofluorocarbons and perfluorocarbons McKay explains that, being of super gases, they have not disintegrated, and from them will not have to get rid of, when it comes to the first living organisms — both of these are completely harmless gas.

According to his calculations, one of the factories, working continuously hundred years in a row, will be able to raise the temperature on Mars at 6-8C. It's still freezing cold, totally unfit for life, but for carbon dioxide, large cap covering the South Pole of Mars, they will rise to the top of the intensive evaporation.

And here about the factory of greenhouse gases can already forget — concern about global warming will take on Mars itself.

Its polar cap can heat up the atmosphere plus seventy degrees Celsius, so maybe at the end of this centuries-long period, people will have to think about creating a more comfortable temperature. But for the first apple trees it will be the time.

Of course, not everything is so simple. It is necessary not only to create atmosphere, but still manage to not lose it. As today is billions of years ago, Mars lost its gaseous envelope, because it does not have its own magnetic field and atmosphere just blown away by the solar wind with the planet. How to cope with this problem Terraformer future is unclear: whether they have managed to create an artificial magnetic field, whether initiated by tectonic processes from volcanic eruptions, to replenish the atmosphere, or repurpose their greenhouse plants for the generation of other gases. But, perhaps, that no such radical steps and do not need: it is possible, the solar wind is not what it was billions of years ago, and is not so dangerous to the atmosphere.

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