How to protect against the evil eye

"Not only the myths, legends and religious codes of all the peoples of the world the opportunity to embody the view ascribed malice. Even great doctors and thinkers of the past believed in the magic of evil eye. Often soul influences someone else's body, such as under the influence of an evil eye, — wrote the famous for centuries physician and mathematician Avicenna. studying witchcraft, the famous philosopher, St. Thomas Aquinas concluded that, due to strong emotional stress, changes in the cells of the human body. Moreover, they are mainly related to the eyes, which are a special radiation as would infect the air in the distance. "

In the Middle Ages, a list of diseases caused by the evil eye. In adults, this thinness, tumors, paralysis, seizures, melancholy, blindness, frequently impotence, diabolism, gluttony, and the children — insomnia, nausea, headaches, seizures, consumption. Adults, which sent against damage, showing concern, have an unconscious fear. They often produces yellowish or gray complexion, they feel stomach pain, vomiting, often rubbing their hands. For children, the symptoms are considered evil eye sudden paleness, weight loss, feebleness, weak and irregular pulse, fever, sweating, loss of appetite.

How can recognize the evil eye, what methods of the guards? How to recover from the evil eye?

Different people are called different features of those people who have an evil eye. In Slavic folklore considered unkind eyes oblique, black, too Roll out or sunken. At all times, afraid of ugly old women. It has long been observed that jinx and thus harm the neighbor is capable of almost any man. Moreover, many often do so unintentionally, against their will, not realizing the danger they pose to others.

Does this mean that you can not guard against the evil eye? Not at all. Because infectious agents are common everywhere, and not all sick. So with the evil eye.

If you think that the next owner of the evil eye, and hold on to something iron. A number of pieces of iron has a strong protective effect — is a knife, dagger, ax, hammer, lock, nail, needle. The keys are widely used as an amulet is the Etruscans and the ancient Egyptians. One of the most common amulets — horseshoe, it has long been considered a symbol of female genital mutilation, which, like the image of a phallus, protect against damage and witchcraft.

A special place among mascots take gems. Agate, especially black with white veins, used as a remedy for the evil eye.

Play an important role and color charms. The most ancient magical colors — blue and red. In Ukraine, the red ribbons tied the animals, the plants in the garden. Also against the evil eye used white and black. Complicated with yellow. It is noticed that a man sensitive to the occult influences, would not wear yellow clothes and generally uncomfortable surrounded by yellow objects.

Excellent means of witchcraft has always been sound. With it, it is easy to put to rout all evil and prevent its malicious deeds. Enough to ward off witches as clicking your fingers or barking dogs. You can protect yourself in other ways — knocking three times on the table, a tree or a wall. Scare witches and evil spirits — the main purpose of the old children's rattles, as today's parents have no idea! But the whistle can be called as good spirits and evil, so to them it is necessary to be careful. Very scared magical forces ringing metal, especially bells and chimes. Therefore bells decorated horse harness, protecting yourself in the journey from spoiling. Going out of the house, you would not take with a bell. But the keys are always with you. Suspecting something was wrong, pozvenite them — it sounds as fencing.

Protect against the evil eye is easier than to get rid of. It caused the disease can not be cured by conventional medicine. Only a magician can remove the causes of evil.

Easy to take off the evil eye by using the plot:

I get up, the servant of God (name), to bless, crossing himself, going from door to door, from gate to gate, a red sun, a light month for chernyya clouds: I have, a servant of God, in the open field okiya-sea okiyane on-Sea is Zlat island, the island is at the Zlata throne, the throne is at the Zlata Mother Holy Mother, with the blue sea foam blown off and looks like. Whisk with a servant of God (name) 12 stills, 12 kamchuzhischev (name chirev kuchkovatyh and pahovikov), 12 neduzhischev, 12 fat, bone, dray, vein and poluzhilnyh keys, locks — in the water, fire in the mountain, in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Read the plot to three times.

Prepared D.IGNATEV

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